Brooklyn Decker Calls Life With 2 Kids ‘Really Beautiful, Wonderful Chaos’ (Exclusive)

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Brooklyn Decker is still adjusting to motherhood times two.

“I feel like I haven’t spoken to adults in months!” Decker confessed to ET at a special screening of her Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, at the Arclight Theater in Culver City, California, on Thursday night.

The 30-year-old actress joked that she was being held together with a “girdle situation” after posing for pictures on the carpet. She welcomed her second child, a girl named Stevie, with husband Andy Roddick just about eight weeks ago. The Grace and Frankie event was the star’s first public appearance since welcoming Stevie, whose birth Decker and Roddick kept secret until early January. The couple’s older child, son Hank, turned two years old in September.

“You're [now] chasing a toddler, while consoling a crying newborn,” Decker shares of handling two kids at once. “I remember the first time thinking a newborn was difficult and now I'm like, oh, this is so easy! They just sleep all day. It's really lovely. But, no, it's just chaos. A really beautiful, wonderful chaos.”

Of course, Decker has Roddick to help her through all the ups and downs of parenting. The pair will celebrate 10 years of marriage together next year. She says their secret to a strong marriage is simple.

“For us, we have to laugh together,” Decker spills. “Life throws all sorts of things at you, and if you aren't laughing together, what's it all for? That's what gets us through.”

Luckily for her, Decker gets to laugh at home and at work. Season four of Grace and Frankie is now streaming on Netflix. This time around, Decker is turning tragedy into comedy as her character, Mallory, deals with divorce.

“I really loved it for my character, because we get to see her more with her family,” she gushes. “I think she's isolated herself all these years … she concealed [her issues] from her family and so, for the first time, she's actually being open and honest and spending time with her family. So, selfishly, I loved getting to work with my castmates on a real level. So, I really loved exploring that transition for my character.”

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