Bryan Cranston Teases 'Breaking Bad' Movie and Whether He'd Ever Do a Musical (Exclusive)

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Bryan Cranston returned to this year's Tony Awards, where the celebrated star was once again nominated for Best Leading Actor in a Play, and he couldn't have been more excited about the honor and the star-studded ceremony.

"It never gets old! We’re so fortunate to be able to make a living in this business!" Cranston marveled to ET's Keltie Knight on the red carpet outside Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Sunday. "If you’re able to get the kind of roles I’m so lucky to get, just wow!"

However, the six-time Emmy winner said that, when it comes to theater acting, "You don’t do it for any kind of recognition."

"You do it because it fulfills you," he added. "It empowers you to be on stage to be able to tell really important, funny, poignant stories."

While his work in the Broadway adaptation of the iconic dark satire Network ultimately earned the actor his second Tony win -- after first taking home the trophy in 2014 for his leading role as President Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way -- Cranston will likely always be remembered best for his groundbreaking and genre-defining performance at Walter White in Breaking Bad.

So with recent reports that a Breaking Bad movie is in development, focused on his former co-star, Aaron Paul, fans have been feverishly speculating on whether or not Cranston might be making an appearance.

When asked whether or not Cranston's character might "pop up" in the Breaking Bad feature film, the star quipped,

"Well, rigor mortis has a way of allowing that to happen."

Cranston mostly played coy, and even feigned ignorance in the project as whole, but also teased that, even though his character met his end, that doesn't mean it's the end for his character.

"It could be! Could be [in] a flashback, or a flash forward. I’m still dead, Walter White, I don’t know what [could happen.]"

As for his future on Broadway, specifically the possibility of seeing him showing off his vocal skills in a musical at some point in the future, Cranston admitted, "It is one of those things that scares the bejeezus out of me and [so] that’s what I need to do."

"There was a phrase [I heard] that really clicked in my head… that said, 'If you keep doing what you know, then you’ll never be able to do what you don’t know,' and [I'm] paraphrasing it…but that’s to say [you should] walk into something that you’re not familiar with and try something new," Cranston shared. "So, I think, maybe! Who knows?!"


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