Bryce Hall Says He Actually Didn't Break Up With Addison Rae, Addresses Tessa Brooks Rumors (Exclusive)

The TikToker sets the record straight on his relationship rumors, as well as addresses his recent photos with Charly Jordan.

Bryce Hall is setting the record straight on his split from Addison Rae. The TikToker's love life has been of much interest, but he wants to make it clear that he didn't actually break up with Rae.

In Jeff Wittek's recent YouTube video, the 21-year-old social media star says he was the one to call things off with his fellow TikTok star. However, while talking to ET's Katie Krause about his podcast, Capital University, he said that's not the case.

"Jeff completely cut out the second part. I didn't even think that was gonna make the video. He was like, 'Who broke up with who?' And then I said, 'Yeah, I broke up with her...No I'm kidding. She broke up with me,'" he revealed. "But he cut it right there."

Hall would rather say that neither one of them broke up with each other. "It was kind of mutual. Both of us agreed," he shared. "We're still really good friends. Last time I talked to her [was] probably a few days ago. We don't talk on a daily basis but yeah, [we're friends]."

While their relationship was cut short, Hall acknowledged that they "were really good together."

"I think we impacted a lot of people's lives and they appreciated that," he noted about fans who continue to ship them. "It's not like we did that and then we're saying, 'Alright guys, you can't have these accounts anymore.' We started it. Go for it."

Hall, however, doesn't see him and Rae getting back together. But what about those rumors that he's since moved on with Tessa Brooks?

"We're just friends," Hall replied, mentioning a video in which they almost kissed. "We were tipsy. We had like two drinks. We both looked [at each other] and were like, 'What the heck.'"

Hall admitted that he's currently single, not dating anyone and "just going with the flow."

But if he happens to find the right one, he hopes they have "a great sense of humor." "[That] would be appreciated because some of my humor is really dry. If you don't think I'm funny then we're not gonna work," he said, quickly adding, "No, I'm kidding! So fake laugh at my jokes."

As for his recent photo with Charly Jordan that sparked even more conversations among their fans. He wanted to make it clear that people shouldn't be worried, since they're friends and she is taking Tayler Holder.

"The caption was, 'Don't worry Tayler. It's just for the pictures' or something like that. It was a funny caption," he noted, adding that nothing is going on between them and they were promoting a product.

Meanwhile, fans will get to connect even more with Hall with his new podcast. Capital University is co-hosted by investor Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, and is designed to help Hall learn how to manage his growing bank account. Episodes will premiere weekly and their next guest will be Mark Cuban, followed by Josh Richards.

"Influencers should listen to the podcast and people who want to become influencers or want to invest their money because it does give a good sense of like, 'Yo, you don't make money all the time, especially being in this industry,'" he explained. "Save it while you have it."

Hall also spoke with ET about how he's taming his party animal lifestyle after being charged with one misdemeanor count for violating the Safer L.A. Health Order and the City’s Party House Ordinance. Hear what he shared below: