BTS' Best Moments at the American Music Awards -- From Dancing to Demi Lovato to Their Stunning Performance!

The K-Pop supergroup pretty much stole the whole night.

After a night like this, how can we not all have BTS love in our DNA??

The Love Yourself: Her band made history on Sunday night as the first Korean pop group to perform at the American Music Awards, which was just one of their moments from the show that had fans -- and pretty much the world at large -- singing their praises. If you didn't know who they were before, their red carpet fashion, meme-able audience moments and impeccable choreography should have been more than enough to turn you into a superfan. 

Here's all the reasons RM and his bandmates pretty much stole the night.

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1. Their fashion game was completely on-point.

Showing up in Saint Laurent, the group's seven members nailed the cardinal rule of award show red carpet fashion: make a statement. Most of the members went with classic fitted black pants, and let their creativity shine through their coat choices. And the stylin' did not stop when the carpet was over. The band demined-out during their performance of "DNA" (more on that in a bit), in jackets that we all immediately wanted in our own closets.

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2. They jammed out to Demi Lovato from the audience.

It's no surprise that Demi killed it with her performance of "Sorry, Not Sorry" during the show,  and BTS' reception of her song makes it all the better. As the camera cut to the boys while she sang, they could be seen bopping and jamming along.

This deserves to go in the Hall of Fame of award show audience rock-outs, alongside Taylor Swift circa 2015.

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3. They came through with a mind-blowing performance of their own.

Fans were crying in the audience while BTS performed. And sure, some of that can be chalked up to the group having some of the world's most passionate fans -- shout out to ARMY! -- but anyone who witnessed their "DNA" performance and didn't become a believer is either a liar or very, very, very wrong.

Their choreography was perfectly on point and the dazzling effects were astounding. Truly, K-Pop couldn't have had a better introduction to the AMAs than that. (Oh, and take note of the aforementioned jackets they wore!)

"It was a dream," RM told ET backstage moments after the band brought the house down with their show. We agree!

4. Lastly, everyone wanted to meet them and/or be their friend.

Stars took note of BTS and the electric energy they brought to the night, starting with Ansel Egort, who adorably watched on, smiling ear-to-ear while filming their performance on his phone, as seen in an instantly memed moment.

Later, the band posed with Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers, who introduced them for their performance.

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And some, like Nelly Furtado, just wanted to know how they all keep their looks so immaculately fresh.

Yeah... it was a pretty great night. Congrats, BTS!

ET also talked to BTS before the show, where they revealed the sweet reason they don't need girlfriends.

Watch the video below for more.

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