BTS Explain Why They Don't Need Dates for the 2017 American Music Awards: We've Got Our Fans!

The K-pop superstars spoke with ET on the red carpet at the AMAs and dished about the fan response to their arrival in L.A. and whether they'd want to collaborate with Zedd.

BTS lit up the red carpet at this year's American Music Awards on Sunday, where the megahit Korean boy band were getting ready to debut their new song "DNA," and they stopped to chat with ET about their amazing fans.

The bandmates -- RM, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, V, J-Hope and Jimin -- have been swarmed by their legion of die-hard American fans, aka ARMY, since they landed in Los Angeles last week.

As soon as their plane landed at LAX, their devotees were already ready and waiting to welcome them to the States with signs, selfies and a lot of excited screaming.

"We never expected so [many] fans in the airport," RM told ET's Keltie Knight on the red carpet outside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. "There were some photos of us and the fans were [excited]. Yes, it was so nice."

The boys of BTS -- who were decked out in some super stylish Saint Laurent ensembles -- stayed humble and appreciative of their fans, but pleaded with them not to let their love for the band keep them from being responsible -- specifically referring to the hundreds of fans who proudly skipped school to stand in line and watch them perform at the various late night talk shows they've been playing since arriving.

"[That's] so sad! Watch TV, please," the group said. "Sorry, its 2017. You can watch on YouTube later. I'm sorry."

Their love for their fans is no joke. The guys flew solo to the event, and got real about why they didn't need any significant others to join them on the red carpet.

"We've got [our] ARMY," RM explained on behalf of his bandmates. "We've got thousands of girlfriends here in this arena. No need to worry."

Among their many fans are some big-name musical stars, including acclaimed EDM artist Zedd, who recently said he'd love to collaborate with the K-pop superstars.

And it turns out the feeling is mutual. When asked if they'd have any interest in working with the artist, the band couldn't contain their enthusiasm: "Yeah! Hell, yeah! We love Zedd."

Looks like there's another potential exciting project for the BTS ARMY to get crazy excited about.

Last week, BTS sat down with ET's Denny Directo and opened up about their love lives and once again touched on the appreciation they have for their fans.

"For me, true love is really something that comes within myself, and I think that’s what really gets transferred to the fans," J-Hope shared.

"When we don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, we always say, 'Oh, I'm so lonely. I want a date,' or something like that," RM added. "But I think the biggest love we're all searching for is the love for one's self."

For more from the band's insightful ET interview, check out the video below.