BTS on Recording Their First Song in English: Why 'Dynamite' Was a 'Huge' Journey (Exclusive)

The K-pop group will perform their latest track at the MTV VMAs later this month.

BTS is trying something new! ET's Denny Directo exclusively spoke to Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook over Zoom and the K-pop group opened up about recording their first-ever English-language song, "Dynamite," which is out now.

"It was a huge, enormous showing for all of us," RM said. "We decided to do it... [to] try something new... in this current situation, the pandemic."

"I think everyone did well, quite well," he continued. "When we first listened to the demo, we just loved it."

The song came about during the "rough year for many," as a way for the group to lift spirits amid COVID-19.

"There were many surprises [and] changes we felt like... we needed a break from that, so we focused on what we can do the best and that was music and performance," RM said. "We tried to get energy and we wanted to give the energy back to the world." 

"Things are simple," he added. "The world needs some positive explosion and we came with 'Dynamite' and boom."

In addition to the release of the track, the group put out an accompanying music video.

"I think everybody turned out really great for the music video," Suga said. "We all have individual styles really poppin' out, so you'll love it."

Fans don't have to wait long to watch the guys perform the track, as their set to take the stage at this year's MTV VMAs on Aug. 30. They're also nominated for three awards this year.

"The guys look forward to what they always look forward to -- our signing, our songs, our performance... and a lot of new visuals," V said. "It's gonna be sort of a retro feel, so fans can look forward to that."

"Dynamite" is out now. BTS' upcoming concert film, Break the Silence, is due out Sept. 10.


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