Build a Last-Minute DIY ‘Squid Game’ Halloween Costume -- Shoes, Track Suits and More

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How to Build Your Own ‘Squid Game’ Costume (and Shop the Merch)

ICYMI: Squid Game owns this year's spooky season. Netflix recently announced that the horror show has become its biggest series launch to date, and is now the top show in 90 countries, with 111 million fans. It's poised to be the most popular Halloween costume this year, but due to severe delays in the supply chain, and extended shipping times, if you’re thinking of dressing as someone from Squid Game for Halloween, you may be in for quite the challenge

While Netflix and Walmart just announced a partnership to sell popular Netflix show merchandise at the big box retailer, the Squid Game collection has yet to be released, meaning fans won’t be able to find an official Squid Game player tracksuit at Walmart before Halloween. 

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However, thanks to online shopping and the power of a good DIY-project, you can build your own last-minute Squid Game costume, whether you’re going as a player, staff member, or "Red Light, Green Light" referee. And if you love the show, but really don’t want to wear a tracksuit out on All Hallows Eve, you can still shop all of the cool and eccentric Squid Game merch, including shirts, sweaters and even blankets. 

From slip-on vans to player’s signature green tracksuits, here’s how to build your own Squid Game Halloween costume (and shop the merch).

How to dress as a Squid Game player

How to dress as a Squid Game player

The stakes are high this Halloween to see who can most accurately recreate a Squid Game player’s look. The most important pieces will be a green tracksuit, a number of your choosing, and a pair of white vans

Men’s tracksuit
Light in the box

This green tracksuit will work perfectly for any Squid Game player costume, or simply as workout wear.


Netflix's Squid Game’s popularity has caused sales for these slip-on shoes to spike 7,800%. They’re a great shoe for any activity, including playing red light green light, or trick-or-treating, just don't forget to add the stain shield to your cart to keep them gleaming white. 


Squid Game staff

How to dress as a Squid Game staff member

If you're looking to dress like one of the guards, instead of a track suit, Squid Game guards are each dressed head to toe in a slightly more chic, red or pink jumpsuit and equipped with a fencing mask with either a circle, triangle or square painted on it. To recreate a staff member's look, an all-red outfit and a black mask of some kind will be the most essential pieces. 

Men’s red tracksuit
Rambler via Amazon

While the staff's look is more of a challenge to recreate exactly, any hooded red sweatsuit, paired with the right accessories, should do the trick for your Halloween party.

Morphsuit mask
Morphsuits via Amazon

This morphsuit mask will help with that unsettling, faceless look the guard mask gives each staff character. And if you change your mind at the last minute, you can always dress like Kim Kardashian from the Met Gala 2021.

Mr. Pen masking tape
Mr. Pen via Amazon

If the Squid Game character you're creating is a guard, recreate the spooky shape of a circle, triangle or square with this masking tape to use on your mesh face mask.


red light, green light robot

How to dress as the “Red light, Green Light” robot from Squid Game

Still being haunted by the first game in Squid Game, or just looking for a relatively easy yet spooky costume for this year? Try recreating the look of the robotic girl who enforces the rules in “Red Light, Green Light.”

This top has a vintage-inspired collar that will work perfectly with a “Squid Game” costume but could also blend in well with any wardrobe.


You'll be seeing a lot of the classic Mary Jane this fall, but not just because of the creepy doll from Squid Game. But if you're dressing up as the pigtailed-terror, you have an excuse to add these Mary Jane pumps to your shoe collection. (Zappos also has a low-heeled versions.)


This dress can be layered over the collared blouse to achieve the "Red Light, Green Light" girl’s look, or worn on its own purely for fashion purposes.

Knee-high stockings
Satinior via Amazon

These stockings will help cement the school girl style look of that nightmare-inducing robot. 


How to add Squid Game elements to your Halloween Party

Take your Squid Game-themed Halloween party to the next level -- if you dare. You can print themed invitations and even set up a dreaded Dalgona Challenge.  

Use these stamp cutters to recreate the deliciously deadly Dalgona Challenge. This set comes with circle, triangle, star and -- oh no -- umbrella shapes. 


Not keen on slapping your friends? Bake them this sinister cookie invites instead by using this cookie cutter modeled after the invitation cards in 'Squid Game'.



Squid Game merch

Already have a costume and just looking for merchandise and decor to celebrate this show? There’s plenty of unique products with Squid Game twists to choose from.

Try not to get caught moving comfortably in this "Red Light, Green Light" shirt.


Creep up your home decor with this comfortable cushion, adorned with player 456’s number. This pillow comes in two textures, a cozy soft-touch material or an eco-friendly feel, made from 45% recycled materials.


This simple sweatshirt, emblazoned with the ultra-recognizable and spine-chilling “Squid Game” insignia, will make a great wardrobe addition for year-round wear.


Snuggle up with this sinister blanket to rewatch “Squid Game” yet again.



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