Busy Phillips Calls Out 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' Star Noah Centineo for 'Ghosting' Her Friend

The 22-year-old apparently pulled a major dating faux pas!

Busy Philipps is spilling some tea about Noah Centineo.

Philipps and Centineo appeared on Thursday's episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, where the 39-year-old actress revealed that Centineo, 22, ghosted one of her friends.

The drama starts when Corden questions Centineo -- who covers the annual "Next Gen" issue of The Hollywood Reporter and snagged the "Sexiest Rising Star" honor in People's "Sexiest Man Alive" edition -- about his relationship status. The rom-com heartthrob confirms that he's single, prompting the host to ask, "Busy, do you have any friends you want to set young Noah up with?"

"Well actually," Philipps begins while hysterically laughing. "He was actually kind of chatting with a friend of mine then he ghosted her."

Centineo seems slightly embarrassed by the story, lying down on the couch and shrugging his shoulders after the reveal.

"Do you know this?" Philipps asks.

"No. I don't know who your friend is," Centineo confesses.

"[She's] one of my writers on my show," the Busy Tonight host says.

That tidbit of info immediately sparks Centineo's recognition and he begins laughing good-naturedly. Corden can't resist teasing Centineo about his dating faux-pas, telling the actor, "We brought her here tonight." Corden then jokingly gestures as if Philipps' friend will be joining them on the show.

Centineo seems up for the potentially awkward encounter, jumping up to welcome the unnamed girl before Corden reveals that he's kidding. As the segment wraps up, Philipps seems to second guess spilling the beans and leans over to tell Centineo, "I'm so sorry."

ET's Courtney Tezeno spoke to the actor back in August, where he spoke about how he's handling his new heartthrob status. 

"I'll say the same thing I've kind of said before in anticipation, the outer world is going to change for sure, whether that's more people knowing who I am or the jobs coming in, but I want my inner space to stay the same," Centineo said. "That's really important to me."

In addition to answering questions about his dating life, Centineo also stars in a hilarious spoof of his hit Netflix flick, To All the Boys I've Loved Beforeon Late Late Show. The movie follows a love-obsessed high school student named Lara Jean (Lana Condor) who writes letters to all of her crushes, including Centineo's Peter Kavinsky. 

In "To All the Guests I've Loved Before," Corden takes on the Lara Jean role, writing a secret love letter to Centineo, his dream guest. The private letter gets sent out, so Centineo confronts Corden by reading the very thirsty note.

"Noah Centineo, you're so hot. Like, stupid hot. Hot in a way where you don't even know it, but you like totally know it," Centineo recites. "Sometimes I fantasize about having you as a guest on the show. I mean the things I'd say to you if I ever got you on my couch."

Corden appears embarrassed by the letter, but Centineo jumps in with his "whoa, whoa, whoa" catchphrase to assure the host, "I liked it."

What follows is a montage for the ages, featuring the now-iconic back pocket spin, some bonding over loving the radio and eating sandwiches together on the bleachers.

Eventually Centineo agrees to be Corden's guest "like, officially." It all falls apart, though, when Corden finds out that the young actor previously appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

Corden makes a faux pas of his own, as Centineo uncovers more Corden-penned letters to other dream guests, including Tom Cruise, Harry Styles, Halsey, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Evan Rachel Wood, Elijah Wood and Woody Harrelson.

"What did you do, write a letter to every Chris in Hollywood?" Centineo angrily quips. "I thought that I was the only one."

Corden eventually wins back Centineo's guest appearance by recreating the iconic Love Actually sign scene. Centineo responds to sweet gesture by referencing a movie of his own, Jerry Maguire.

"You had me at hello," Centineo tells Corden.

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