Caitlyn Jenner Claims She 'Hasn't Really Spoken' to Khloe Kardashian in '5 or 6 Years'

Caitlyn Jenner
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

The reality star admits she was missing her family on Thanksgiving this year.

Caitlyn Jenner is missing her family during the holidays, but not the drama!

In a clip from the latest episode of the reality show I'm A Celeb shared via Twitter, the reality star (who formerly went by Bruce Jenner) claims she "hasn't really spoken" to her 35-year-old stepdaughter, Khloe Kardashian, since her transition.

It all started when Caitlyn began getting emotional while speaking to her campmates about not being home in California to spend Thanksgiving with her family. "I should be home," she says. "Both sides of my family, the Kardashian-Jenner side and the strictly Jenner side, are all having their appropriate Thanksgiving dinners."

"I think it's probably the first time I've never been there," she adds. "It's sad not to be there." 

Then, one of the campmates candidly asks Caitlyn about coming out as transgender in 2014, and what the conversations were like with her family at the time.

"The first was the kids, I started with Brandon, my [38-year-old] son," she recalls. "He said to me, 'Dad, I’ve always been so proud to be your son but I've never been more proud of you than right now.'"

"I went through every kid and Khloe, for some reason, was p***ed off about something through this whole process," she continues. "Honestly, it’s been five or six years and I really haven’t talked to her since."

Caitlyn (who was married to Kris Jenner from 1991–2015) went on to say she was really sad about the ongoing issue with Khloe, considering the two were "really close."

"I raised her since she was 5 years old," she says. "I really don’t know what her issues are."

It appears Khloe has yet to respond to Caitlyn's claims, but the reality star seemed to be in happy spirits on Thursday, sending love to her fans on social media.

"Happy thanksgiving, everyone!!" she tweeted. "Feeling thankful! Enjoy today... eat lots, love lots, and celebrate life. I love you guys!!"


She also shared an adorable new photo of True, the 1-year-old daughter she shares with ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

"Everyday I give thanks that I was chosen to be your mommy!" she captioned it. "I’ll never ever take this role for granted! Thank you Tutu! I will easily love you until the end of time! ♡ #Thanksgiving #Thankful."

Hear more in the video below.