Cameron Boyce Talks Accepting People for Who They Are in Final Interview

Cameron Boyce
Amanda Edwards/WireImage

In one of his last interviews, Boyce shared how accepting people for who they are is an important theme of 'Descendants 3.'

Don’t judge a book by its cover -- those simple but significant words were an essential part of one Cameron Boyce’s final interviews.

The Disney star died at the age of 20 after suffering a seizure in his sleep on July 6. His family later told ET that he suffered from epilepsy.

Before his death, Boyce reprised his role as Carlos in the upcoming Descendants 3, the third film in the series, and in a newly released interview for the movie, he shares how accepting people for who they are is an important theme of the new film.

“Going back to the first movie, it was very much we have labels and we have designated places for these people that we have placed labels on and very quickly learn that once you take a label off of someone and let them thrive in whatever environment that they’re in, you can see the best come out of someone,” Boyce says in the video interview released by Disney.

“And so to be able to tell a story in which we say, ‘It doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter who you -- we are going to accept you for who you are,’ -- that’s when people really start to take in their surroundings and just go free,” he adds. “There are a lot of people who are initially placed as bad. ‘That person’s bad, that person’s this and that.’ But it’s the old adage -- don’t judge a book by its cover. Let someone really be who they are and it’s a cool thing that we tell.”

The Descendants 3 red carpet premiere was initially scheduled for July 22 but canceled in the wake of Boyce’s death. The film will air on the Disney Channel on Aug. 2. 

The new video comes days after Boyce’s mom, Libby Boyce, broke her silence about losing her son.

"He is my compass ❤️ ," she wrote alongside a black and white photo of the two.

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