Camila Cabello Turns Her Accidental Wardrobe Malfunction Into a TikTok Punchline

The 'Bam Bam' singer used a Muni Long track to poke fun of the ordeal.

Camila Cabello is not letting an accidental wardrobe malfunction bring her down. In fact, the ordeal seemed to have called for a little self-deprecating humor!

The "Bam Bam" singer took to TikTok on Tuesday to poke fun at herself after accidentally flashing the hosts of BBC's The One Show while showing off her dance moves during the virtual appearance. Cabello stood up and, in the process of executing the dance move, accidentally opened her blouse, prompting the singer to say, "I almost flashed you."

She didn't skip a beat despite the ordeal, though the BBC hosts were stunned at what they had just seen. After pulling off the dance move, Cabello sat down, returned to the interview and quipped, "I hope you didn't see nipple."

The next day, Cabello took to TikTok and posted a video of herself set to Muni Long's "Time Machine" track off her 2021 Public Displays of Affection album. Cabello, who is seen in the video shaking her head, captioned it, "When my stylist asked me if I wanted nip covers and I said no."

The 25-year-old singer is currently promoting her upcoming album, Familia. She recently opened up about how her and Shawn Mendes' priorities had changed while they were dating -- they split in November -- and reflected on her quest to become a more "well-rounded person."

"My priorities have fluctuated and my focus has changed throughout my life," Cabello told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1's New Music Daily. "Like, those years that we were dating, I don’t even feel like, even while I was writing this album, and even still now, I guess, my focus is really on, how can I be a well-rounded person? And apart from my career, my focus wasn’t even on my career."

During that same interview, she evoked Mendes' name while addressing what inspired her to write "Bam Bam."

"I f**king ... I love Shawn," she said. "I feel like there’s literally nothing but love for him, and this song is mostly just about, OK, how do I make a song that shows the cycles of love and life and gives people whatever it is that’s going on in your life -- whether it’s a breakup or a divorce. Hopefully this [song] can make you be like, ‘It is that way now but things are always taking crazy turns.’”