Can Winnie Harlow Make Maluma's Dream Collaboration Come True? (Exclusive)

The Colombian singer opens up to ET about his 'biggest inspiration' in the music industry.

Maluma is hoping to work with his "biggest inspiration" in the music industry -- and he might just have the connection to make it happen. 

"I wanted to work with Madonna, and it happened. And that was an amazing experience, but now I want to work with Justin Timberlake. I would love to work with him, and also Kanye West," the Colombian singer recently told ET while promoting his new project with Hennessy. "They are my biggest inspirations in the industry, for the whole communication, the whole thing that they have. Like, the products and companies, they're CEOs of their own companies. I really admire them." 

"Maybe we can work together in the short future, but let's see," he added. 

Maluma might not have to wait too long to work with West, as these days, they're kind of running in the same circles. His Marry Me co-star, Jennifer Lopez, is friends with the Kardashian family, but another star, Winnie Harlow, could be the one to make that introduction. The model recently collaborated with her good friend -- and West's wife -- Kim Kardashian West, on a collection for the reality star's KKW Beauty brand. 

Harlow and Maluma sparked dating rumors last month after fans noticed flirty comments on each other's Instagram pics. Harlow was previously romantically linked to Wiz Khalifa, while Maluma recently split with his girlfriend, Natalia Barulich. Maluma didn't address his relationship status with Harlow while speaking with ET, but did note the model is "amazing." 

For now, Maluma is focused on music. He's currently on his 11:11 world tour and hopes to record a new album next year.  "I have a bunch of things happening, good things," he revealed. "I feel like it's just the beginning and there's so many beautiful things [in the works]."

One of those projects is his partnership with Hennessy, for which he's collaborated on limited-edition sunglasses, a cocktail kit, and more.

"I think Hennessy is the perfect brand for me, because I went to Cognac in France and saw the whole process, how they do their cognac, and they work so hard. And I identified with them. I feel the same, I work very, very hard to make projects for my fans, so we are very connected," he shared. 

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