Candace Cameron Bure, Darren Criss and More Celebs Attend the Pollo Lounge Event by Chain in Los Angeles

Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram

Darren Criss, Candace Cameron Bure, Kaitlyn Dever and more stars attend the Pollo Lounge event by Chain in Los Angeles, California.

Good food and good times! Candace Cameron Bure, Darren Criss, Kaitlyn Dever, and more celebrities attended the Pollo Lounge dining event by Chain on Wednesday, May 8 and Thursday, May 9 in Los Angeles, California.

The stars gathered at the Chain House to enjoy a gourmet chicken tender dinner crafted by Michelin starred chef Tim Hollingsworth and sip on LEVO Prebiotic Soda drinks while at the speakeasy style fête.


Beyoncé's Renaissance pianist, Emily Bear, also led a musical program throughout the evening that featured standup sets by Patton Oswalt, Moshe Kasher, and Brent Weinbach, as well as performances by Jeremy Zucker, Dylan Mulvaney, Tayla Parx, Wendlo, and Abigail Barlow.

Chain, co-founded by Hollingsworth, B.J. Novak, Jack Davis, Nicholas Kraft, Byron Ashley, and Abe Burns, is known for collaborating with beloved chain restaurants like Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Pizza Hut, Panda Express, and more to reinvent classic dishes with a modern and delicious twist. 


"What Chain does – that chef-driven approach to the food we actually all love – that’s exactly how I’m approaching these arrangements," Bear said in a press release ahead of the two-night only event. "There are guilty pleasure songs that are actually brilliant. I’m excited to give them the love they deserve," she added.

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