Candace Cameron Bure Gives Back Through Gardening at Salvation Army's Bell Shelter (Exclusive)

ET was with the 'Fuller House' star as she visited the Salvation Army Bell Shelter in Los Angeles.

Candace Cameron Bure is all about paying it forward.

ET's Keltie Knight was with the Fuller House star at Salvation Army's Bell Shelter in Los Angeles, where she shared how the organization helps those in need, and why it's so important to "be kind and do good."

"I've been working with Salvation Army over the past year and I've been visiting different programs that they have all over the country," Bure -- who was named a Salvation Army Ambassador in 2018 -- told ET. "It's been really eye opening because you see people who face everyday challenges and it's hard for them to get out of their circumstances."

Salvation Army offers a slew of programs, including helping people get the tools and skills they need to be able to get a job. They also offer a great culinary program, which Bure loves and participated in during the visit.

"The great thing about the Bell shelter is that they have an acre and a half garden that produces organic fruits and vegetables, and all of that food is sourced and made here," she explained. "But it gives everyone that is in the program job opportunities. This shelter houses more than 500 single men and women, but then all the food that is used is serving over 6,000 meals a day which is fantastic."

"I got to pick some vegetables in the garden. I got to see everything and then we went in the kitchen and we cooked roasted vegetables," she added. "This is all farm to table food. So everyone is learning to eat healthy and again acquiring job skills that are going through the program."

For Bure, giving back was instilled in her since childhood. "My mom and dad always [gave back]. We had a revolving door in our home. There were so many people coming in and out, people that they just wanted to show hospitality to, people that were in need that would come stay with us. It was my entire life."

"My parents really instilled that into my heart, as well as my brother and sisters, and I've carried that with me as an adult," she continued. "So that's why I'm here. I can't imagine with so much that I do have and I'm blessed with to not give back. That's what I'm called to do…It's so easy to do and it makes a world of difference."

When Bure is not working a philanthropic endeavor, she is working on a slew of projects including the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries franchise, Hallmark Channel movies and the final season of Fuller House.

"I am not thinking about the end yet because we haven't even started our season," she said, adding, "But I will probably cry a lot. It'll be hard to end it because it's such a joy in my life."

At least this time, they knew that the end was coming, as opposed to Full House's sudden cancellation. 

"We're wrapping up the season, gonna give everyone a great finale. It feels good to know that in advance," she explained. "We didn't have that on the original Full House. We had like the most awkward ending of eight years. We're not gonna have that on Fuller House." 

"We're going to make the most of this last season. We're gonna give it our all and we're gonna enjoy one another's company and laugh as much as we possibly can," Bure promised. "These friendships have been around for more than 30 years so they're not ending when the cameras go off."

While fans wait for the final season, Bure will keep herself busy helping others at the various Salvation Army sites and spreading the message of giving back.

"I'm here to inspire you all to be kind and do good," she expressed.