Cardi B and Mickey Guyton Milk a Cow and Feed Pigs on 'Cardi Tries': Watch!

The women also sheared a sheep.

Cardi B is trying out life on the farm! In the latest episode of her Facebook series, Cardi Tries, the 28-year-old rapper attempts life as a ranch hand alongside country star Mickey Guyton.

At the top of the episode, Cardi reveals that she wants to add a farm to the land she shares with her husband, Offset, and their 2-year-old daughter, Kulture.

While Cardi said her husband is "not with" the idea, she "don't got to clean poop."

Before venturing out to the farm, Cardi gets glammed up in full hair and makeup, and dresses in brown leather shorts, which she pairs with a matching crop top and hat.

"How bad can it smell?" she questions of the farm. "Have you smelled my farts?"

Cardi meets up with Mickey next, telling the singer, "I really want to have a farm, and I’m trying to convince my husband that we can actually have a farm on our property, but I’ve never been around farm animals. I’m a real city girl."

Though Cardi thought Texas-born Mickey would be able to take the lead on the farm activities, the country star is quick to shoot down that assumption.

"I can't teach you! I don't know how to be a ranch hand or any of that," she says. "... I guess we're going to have to learn together."

The women head out on the ranch next, with the goals of riding a horse, shearing a sheep, milking a cow and feeding pigs.

A frightened Cardi successfully rides the horse, but isn't sold on the activity. "So far, do I want to have horses on my property? Maybe I have a donkey. They're way more smaller and they probably poop less," she says.

The sheep come next, with Mickey distracting the sheep as Cardi shears it. Though Cardi laments the smell of the sheep's poop, she says, "I wouldn't mind having one of these at my home and I think my daughter would love her."

Cardi enjoys milking a cow, commenting that it's "the sweetest animal" yet. The pigs are another story, though, as Cardi is "disgusted" to learn that they eat table scraps, which Mickey describes as "like vomit."

If Cardi does start a farm, pigs will not be included because they're "stinky and aggressive."

"They will run over my daughter," she says. "We don't want pigs, sorry. We don't want pigs as men and we don't want pigs as animals."

Watch more of Cardi and Mickey's farm adventures in the video below. 



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