Cardi B Speaks Out After Postponing Concert Due to Security Threat: 'My Safety and Your Safety First'

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Cardi B was forced to call off a performance in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Tuesday due to a "threat" against the artist, according to police.

The Invasion of Privacy rapper took to Twitter after the show was postponed just an hour prior to the scheduled start time, to apologize to her fans and explain what happened.

"Dear Indiana people I’m so sorry for today," Cardi tweeted, along with a video from her rehearsal earlier that day. "I will like to let you know I was at the venue I was even rehearsing a new move I been excited to do on my show."

"Unfortunately there was a security threat that is currently under investigation right now," she added. "My safety and your safety first."

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department further explained the situation on Twitter, to the extent that they could address an ongoing investigation.

"This evening, there was a scheduled concert at Bankers Life. We were notified of an unverified threat to the artist and the artist canceled this evening’s concert," the department posted. "There is no immediate threat to public safety, this not an active incident. Ongoing investigation."

The IMPD later added a clarification, tweeting, "Concert is *postponed*. Not canceled."

The venue, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, announced the postponement at 6:24 p.m., while the concert was scheduled to kick off at 7 p.m. No details regarding the "unverified threat" have yet been released.

On Wednesday, Cardi took to Twitter to share more information about the security issue, writing: "I was literally getting my makeup when police and security from venue got a threat tip."

In a series of tweets in response to one user who said Cardi should simply "sweep the venue and move on," she further explained why the show couldn't go on.

"There still a federal investigation going on. Yes everybody could have got check but who know if a suspect was waiting outside or who he wanted to target," Cardi wrote. "I'm from the hood I never been a situation like that so I will avoided NIKKA I'M A MOTHER MY SAFETY COME FIRST!"

"I even left the state ASAP cause I ain't takin' no chances," she added in a second tweet.

Cardi continued defending herself in a third tweet, writing, "Anyway I had SOLD OUT SHOW. I had a 2 day break and my body was refresh. I lost money in hotels and unnecessary trip to go to New York for no reason I don’t like to waste my money neither the promoters but if a b**ch gotta go a b**ch gotta go I ain’t takin' no chances."

Additionally, Cardi shared a video from the venue of her explaining the situation, which, she said, she was told not to post immediately "cause they where [sic] doing a [sic] investigation."

"Indiana, I know that you guys bought these tickets for a long time. I know you guys been waiting a long time for me to come here," she said in the clip. "... There have been some threats going on."

After other users speculated that the concert was canceled because Cardi was drunk, the rapper shared pics of her rehearsing in the venue and getting her makeup done to prove that she was ready to perform.

She also posted videos of when she was leaving via plane shortly after the concert was canceled. 

The cancellation comes one day after Cardi revealed that she'd sat down with democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders for a politically minded interview, the video of which would soon be released as part of Sander's 2020 bid for the White House.


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