Carrie Underwood's Son Sweetly Blows Her Kisses, Cheers for 'Mommy' During Live Show

The singer kicked off her Denim & Rhinestones tour with some crowd support from her loving family.

Carrie Underwood's biggest fan might just be one of her smallest! The country star kicked off her Denim & Rhinestones tour on Saturday in Greenville, South Carolina, with the support of her family in the crowd. 

Underwood shared an adorable video from a high-flying part of her performance, in which her 7-year-old son, Isaiah, can be seen sitting on his dad's -- Underwood's husband of 12 years, Mike Fisher -- lap and cheering her on. The kiddo sweetly waves to his mom and blows her kisses, loudly cheering for "Mommy!" as she flies over the crowd on a suspended swing. 

"One was blowing me kisses... one was sleeping soundly," Underwood wrote on the video, including a reference to her youngest son, 3-year-old Jacob

Last month, Underwood opened up to ET about prepping for her tour and revealed the surprising and totally relatable thing she was most looking forward to on the road. 

"I'm just excited to get back out there and just do what I do. We're ready and it's going to be so much fun," she gushed. 

"I feel like it'll be a little bit easier, I guess, to go on tour because my kids are in school now," she added. "So we're gonna have to, like, come home a lot and go through town so I can make sure to see them enough. They'll have to come out and visit. But it'll be the first time I haven't had a baby on the road in years -- years, years! So I am looking forward to being able to really work and not be so tired."