Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas on Why They’re Still Smitten 20 Years Later (Exclusive)

The couple spoke with ET at the 2019 SAG Awards.

Twenty years later and still madly in love! 

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas couldn’t stop gushing over one another on the red carpet at the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday. 

The smitten spouses spoke with ET’s Nischelle Turner about why they’re still head over heels for one another two decades later. 

"He is the kindest man I have ever met in my life,” Zeta-Jones, 49, told ET of Douglas, 74. "His sense of humor, he is actually quite funny in his show. But he is my best friend. So proud to be with him tonight.”

Douglas, who was nominated for his role in The Kominsky Method, shared early details of his romance with his wife of 18 years. 

"We have the same birthday, few years apart,” he quipped of their 25-year age difference. “The first time I ever met her I found out we had the same birthday and I told her, 'I’m going to be the father of your children.'"

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"He did,” Zeta-Jones confirmed. "And then he found out that I played golf. I think that was it." 

"I found out she played golf. I melted right there. She looked straight into my eyes, and that was it,” Douglas agreed. 

The couple met 20 years ago at the Deauville Film Festival, and it was clearly love at first sight. 

Now, Douglas has welcomed his first grandchild, baby Lua, and the couple is trying to get the little girl to use their adorable grandparent nicknames. 

“She is learning words so, I want to be Bubba. Lua, Bubba,” Douglas shared. "She is looking at me like I’m out of my mind.”

As for Zeta-Jones, "I’m ZeZe.”

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