'Cats' Trailer Debuts and Twitter Has a Lot of Feelings About the Fanciful New Musical

The internet exploded on Thursday when the star-studded and surreal 'Cats' trailer premiered.

Fans finally got to see the highly-anticipated trailer for Cats on Thursday, Universal Pictures' big-screen adaptation of the celebrated Broadway musical, and the early reviews have been a little less than purrrfect.

The colorful, surreal glimpse at the upcoming blockbuster musical gave fans an up-close look at Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, Dame Judi Dench and more stars in costume, with the enhancement of digital fur.

Special attention has also been paid to Swift's appearance as Bombalurina in the trailer -- a character co-star Rebel Wilson recently told ET is "the sexiest out of all the cats."

As it turns out, the "sexiness" of the film's cats is one of the things some people on Twitter had a wide range of reactions to, with some fans very excited and claiming Swift "looks great as a cat." Another user, meanwhile, wrote that Swift giving seductive glances as a cat is what "the face of death" looks like.

Other fans have some real qualms about the costuming, from complaints about the somewhat wonky CGI, to concerns that the film is trying to appropriate and co-opt the "Furries" community.

All complaints aside, there are still many fans who can't wait to see Cats right when it opens, and will be wearing their best cat ensembles to the midnight screenings.

And of course, because it's Twitter, some fans think the whole project is a government conspiracy. 

"Cats is a psyop. Cats has James Corden and Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo. Cats could only possibly be conceived through the cooperation of the CIA, Bank of America, and Pfizer," @Pizza_Suplex wrote. "Cats is MKULTRA Phase 3."

Meanwhile, Josh Gad chimed in with a suggestion on how they could have saved some bucks, tweeting a picture of a cat in a pirate hat which he captioned, "My version would have been far less expensive."

The movie, which hits theaters Dec. 20, 2019, also stars dance icons like Les Twins (Beyonce's featured hip-hop dancers and World of Dance season one champs) and Francesca Hayward (a principal dancer in the Royal Ballet), with choreography by Andy Blankenbuehler, who has worked on Broadway shows like Hamilton, In the Heights and Bandstand.

Hear more in the video below!