'Celebrity Big Brother': Competition Narrowed Down to Final Three After Big Double Eviction


The third season of Celebrity Big Brother is nearing the end, and tensions are rising dramatically as the competition got narrowed down in a big way on Monday with a double eviction.

Following last Friday's eviction -- which saw Carson Kressley get the boot -- Todrick Hall won the title of Head of Household and he went on to put Todd Bridges and Lamar Odom up on the chopping block.

On Monday, Todrick made it perfectly clear that Todd was his real target -- as he's done better in most of the competitions than either Lamar or Cynthia Bailey, and Miesha Tate has been Todrick's ally throughout the whole season.

Todd didn't appreciate being nominated and was also irritated that Todrick and Miesha likely manipulated him into axing Carson last week. However, as Todd and Lamar have been friends and allies for some time now, having them both on the block almost guaranteed that one or the other of them will be going home, regardless of the Power of Veto competition.

That being said, the only way Todd could really shake things up -- and potentially throw Todrick's game for a loop -- was to earn the Veto. 

The competition was designed to look like a luge event, and it saw the contestants face off by going down a ramp and trying to do so closest to a pre-determined time. After all the match-ups were done, Todd ended up snagging the Power of Veto like he had hoped.

Ultimately, all he could really do is keep himself in the game for the time being. He used the Veto on himself to get off the block, and Todrick named Cynthia as the replacement nominee.

After some heartfelt speeches from both Lamar and Cynthia -- who essentially both said they'd basically be OK with getting axed, as they've had a really amazing time getting this far in the competition -- it came down to the live vote.

Miesha went first and voted to evict Lamar, while Todd followed and voted to evict Cynthia. This meant it was up to Todrick to cast the tie-breaker vote, and he decided to send Lamar packing.

After Lamar joined host Julie Chen Moonves for the traditional exit interview, Julie then called the final four into the living room to reveal the news that tonight was a special live double eviction -- meaning they would have another HOH competition, a nomination ceremony, a Power of Veto competition and a live vote to evict over the course of the hour.

The news came as something of a surprise to the houseguests (for some reason), and kicked things into overdrive.

Since Todrick was the previous HOH, he wasn't allowed to compete for the title, meaning it came down to Cynthia, Miesha and Todd. The competition itself revolved around the contestants looking at three fake movie posters and then listening to a conversation between friends trying to figure out what they want to watch. Based on the conversation, the contestants had to determine which movie would suit everyone's requirements. The first contestant to ring in with a correct guess got a point.

After seven rounds, Todd and Cynthia both earned two points but Miesha managed to earn three -- and thus she snagged the Head of Household title.

Unsurprisingly, Miesha nominated Todd and Cynthia for eviction -- since she and Todrick very clearly are locked in to making it to the final two together.

The only chance Todd or Cynthia had was to win Power of Veto. The competition was a mix of a memory challenge revolving around events that happen in the house and a physical challenge of rolling a ball down a ramp and hitting it into a numbered slot. It was a bit needlessly convoluted way of answering trivia questions, but in the end Miesha walked away with the Power of Veto.

Again unsurprisingly, Miesha opted not to use her Veto, leaving the sole eviction vote to Todrick, who turned around and pulled off what he'd been trying to do earlier in the night, which was to boot Todd from the house.

Speaking with Julie after his eviction, Todd had a lot of appreciation for Todrick's game.

"Because Todrick made friends with everybody, made some enemies but then made friends, he made enemies and then made friends again, he worked everyone in the house, he worked the house, that is the best way to win this game," Todd shared. "He did a great job working the house."

The season finale of Celebrity Big Brother airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


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