'Celebrity Big Brother': Jonathan Bennett on Being the First Houseguest Voted Out (Exclusive)

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Friday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother!

That Mean Girls bond runs deep!

Jonathan Bennettconfessed in theCelebrity Big Brother house that it was his relationship with Lindsay Lohan that made him influence HOH Ryan Lochte to keep her mom, Dina Lohan, off the Block, and while the decision ended up costing him the game, he still has nothing but love for the Lohans. 

ET's Brice Sander exclusively spoke with Bennett following his eviction on Friday night's episode, where he opened up about aligning himself with Lochte, which made him a target when the rest of the houseguests figured out he had convinced the Olympic swimmer to keep Dina safe. 

"I'm so glad because I love Ryan so much, we became best friends, and so I have a friend for life, but when you have an Olympic swimmer athlete gold medalist as your partner, people are going to come after you, and that's what happened. And I'm OK with that," the actor said. "I should have picked Dina and put her up on the Block. I should have done that, and I just can't do that because I know I need to protect her, because she's like a mama."


"You gotta protect Mama Lohan in the house. Lindsay would come after me, and you don't want Lindsay to come after you," he continued. "So if you're watching, Lindsay, I saved Mama as much as I could, but now she's on her own." 

Dina may be on her own, but Bennett thinks she could go all the way. "I think she would win," he said, delighted that she was the only houseguest not to vote for his eviction. "Dina, I love you."

"It was like a real life Mean Girls in the house. I was like, having flashbacks to being on the set of Mean Girls in the Celebrity Big Brother house," he said, presumably referring to fellow houseguests Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton. "Dina came to me and literally just goes, 'Those girls are mean girls. Watch out.' And she was right. Mama always knows. Don't align with them.'"


Bennett thinks Jones and Braxton are the biggest targets after his eviction, and says that Jones should be the next one out. 

"Lolo has just done ticked off a lot of people in there. Her attitude is not cute right now in that house, and I think a lot of people are going to come after her," he said. "For the good of the house, one of the explosive energies in there needs to get out."

While the Cupcake Wars host was the first evicted houseguest, a faux contestant, Anthony Scaramucci, left the competition days earlier as part of Celebrity Big Brother twist. 

"Never in the history of my life would I say that I showered next to Anthony Scaramucci. Like, I'd be in the shower talking to him while he's shaving, and it became the most normal thing in the world...That is just bizarre!" Bennett said of the former White House communications director. "He couldn't have been a nicer, amazing guy. I was so glad to meet him for him, and not what you read about him. It was really cool."


"My future prediction is that I'm going to come back, and there's going to be a twist where someone that's been voted off, No. 1, gets to reenter halfway through and make a decision," he continued -- though at the end of the day, Bennett couldn't have been prouder of his CBB experience. 

"[I was] in the house for 10 days...  Won the HOH competition, lost the HOH competition, played a Veto competition, lost the Veto competition, went on Slop, played another Veto competition, lost it, has been on the Block, I think the longest ever in history of Celebrity Big Brother," he listed his accomplishments. "Like, talk about a jam-packed 10 days. You can't do any more in 10 days. I've done everything there is to do!"

"It's the greatest and the worst experience of my life, I'm not going to lie. It's insane, but it's also amazing," he expressed. "I would do it again."

Celebrity Big Brother next airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. See more in the video below. 


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