'Celebrity Big Brother': Anthony Scaramucci Promises He's Not Quitting Amid Reports of Early Exit


Anthony Scaramucci's not a quitter -- so he said on Wednesday night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother, which aired following reports that he left the show early

The episode began with the aftermath of Scaramucci being put on the block by HOH Ryan Lochte, alongside Tom Green and Jonathan Bennett. The trio were then given the opportunity to save themselves in the Veto competition.

"I have to win this Veto. I do not want to go home this week," the Mooch insisted, just minutes before the game's winner, Ricky Williams, opted not to switch things up, leaving the block as is. 

Scaramucci -- famous for his 11-day stint in President Donald Trump's White House -- however, insisted he was still committed to the show. "It's time to put kneepads on my elbows and get out there. I've been fired before, but I'm not a quitter," he said. 


The former White House communications director is reported to have left the show on day six of the competition, and while the circumstances of his departure are still unknown, he definitely didn't leave before spilling about his time with Trump. 

"One of the things he used to love is he would shoot the tweet, and he'd be watching TV, and then boom, breaking news, and there was the tweet was up on the screen," Scaramucci said of the president on Wednesday's episode. "He said, 'I've got 20 million Twitter followers. How many people read the Wall Street Journal? 2 million? So I've got 10 times the power of the Wall Street Journal. Oh, and by the way, I shoot it off the sattelite, it lands on everybody's newsfeed.'" 

"So he figured that out, and he exploited that big time," he added. "He played them like a fiddle. And by the way, he still is." 

"Let's face it: I'm not in love with the president's war on the media, or the non-strategic use of his Twitter feed. Having said that, he's going to continue to do it anyway, but he's never tweeted at me," Scaramucci later told the camera. "I stayed loyal to him. I don't really say bad things about him, although I tell him to knock it off on Twitter, but I still want to help him. But if he turned on me, he knows I got a big mouth. That's not going to be great for him."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scaramucci left the house and flew to Switzerland on Wednesday for a business conference, where he opened up about his time on Celebrity Big Brother

"[It was a] tremendous amount of fun," he said, per THR. "There’s a lot of intellectuals that are like, 'WTF, what’s he doing on 'Big Brother,'’ But you have to remember I grew up in a blue-collar family so you have to remember that America watches these shows. You don’t want to unplug yourself totally from America.”

Celebrity Big Brother next airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. See more on Scaramucci in the video below. 


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