'Celebrity Big Brother' Reveals Why Anthony Scaramucci Left the House Early

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The Mooch mystery has been solved!

Friday's episode of Celebrity Big Brotherfinally revealed what happened to Anthony Scaramucci, two days after reports surfaced that he had exited the CBS reality series early

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scaramucci left on day six of the competition -- beating his record for the 11 days he spent as White House communications director for President Donald Trump. Circumstances surrounding his departure were unknown until Friday, as Wednesday's episode showed him insisting he wouldn't quit the show, despite being on the block. 

When Friday's episode kicked off, host Julie Chen warned that not everything was what it seemed. Minutes later, the houseguests received a celebrity news update courtesy of ET's Kevin Frazier, who announced, "One celebrity is not a real houseguest." That houseguest was the Mooch!

"Hello guys, surprise. I'm actually not a Big Brother houseguest, but I'm part of a Big Brother twist... From this moment on, I'm out of the house. That means you're all one step closer to the quarter million dollar prize," Scaramucci said via video message. "In Washington, you get judged quickly before people really know who you are, and you never get a second chance... I'm giving the current nominees a second chance at safety."

He then revealed that for the first time ever, there will be two Veto competitions prior to the eviction. Ryan Lochte, as HOH, had to nominate a new person for the block, and the three houseguests would be forced to compete for "Mooch's Veto," which was all about the former White House staffer.

After exiting Celebrity Big Brother, Scaramucci resurfaced on Wednesday in Switzerland, where he opened up about his time on the show at a business conference. 

"[It was a] tremendous amount of fun," he said, per THR. "There’s a lot of intellectuals that are like, 'WTF, what’s he doing on Big Brother?' But you have to remember I grew up in a blue-collar family, so you have to remember that America watches these shows. You don’t want to unplug yourself totally from America.”

Scaramucci spoke more about his CBB experience while chatting with ET after Friday's episode, revealing that he originally said no to joining the series. He was later convinced by CBS executives, who pitched him joining the show as a twist. They said he'd get a chance to show off his personality, but didn't tell him what the twist was when he entered the house. 

"This show is incredibly unscripted. I never got to know what the twist was until about 15 minutes before I walked out of the house. I did the recording, and then literally they whisked me out the back door," he said. 

Celebrity Big Brother next airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. See more in the video below. 


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