'Celebrity Big Brother': Tom Green on How the House Taught Him About 'Being a Human Being' (Exclusive)

The 47-year-old comedian was evicted as part of Friday night's double elimination.

Tom Green saw this one coming. 

The 47-year-old comedian was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother as part of the show's double elimination on Friday's episode. With most of the house gunning for him since his first Head of Household reign, Green told ET's Brice Sander after his exit that he felt he had to "persevere and fight" the whole season, until his CBB journey came to a close. 

Green joins Jonathan Bennett, Ryan Lochte, Joey Lawrence, Kato Kaelin and Natalie Eva Marie on the jury; Marie was also voted out on Friday's episode. After Lolo Jones -- who was on the block with Marie in the first eviction of the night -- became HOH, she nominated Kandi Burruss and Green for elimination. Green was voted out unanimously. 

"Honestly, the intensity of it [surprised me most]," he told ET. "I knew that people are competitive and we've got some incredible athletes in there, and some amazing people, and I know everybody wanted to win. But just the real intensity of this desire to win really got pretty wild. Hat's off to everyone in there."


Green said that his time in the house taught him a lot about human nature. "It's sort of just the way people moved amongst each other and towards each other," he explained. 

"When you're not the HOH, people will let their true feelings towards you be seen. If they don't think you're going to win the HOH again, they all of the sudden are against you and not smiling as much or at all. And then suddenly when you win the competition again, and surprise, you're the HOH again, all of the sudden, they're very friendly again," he continued. "So you sort of see this hot and cold thing. Everyday was almost like whiplash."

"It was great. I take that as a takeaway, as a positive thing. I learned a lot about life and being a human being," he said. 

Green named his friendships with Kaelin, Anthony Scaramucci and Dina Lohan as some of the bonds he'll continue to have after the show ends. He also conceded that those relationships were probably the reason he got sent home, as he regrets not trying "a little harder to connect with people." He did, however, use his final moments in the house to convey that he has nothing but love for the rest of the celebs in the competition. 


"I wanted to exit the game in a positive way," he shared of why he held the door open for a few seconds, to let his castmates see the audience outside. "We've been in there for a long time, and just seeing some other faces out there was always a thrill, honestly." 

"I wanted to just do that as a gesture of good will towards everyone, even though we had been through a lot together. I wanted to say that [there's] no hard feelings," he added. "And also there was a little bit of, 'Haha suckers, I'm out here and you gotta stay in there for another three days!'" 

"It's the first time in my life that I've not been outside for 20-something odd days," he marveled. "So, it's a strange feeling." 

As for who Green is hoping to take it home this season, he's rooting for Jones. 

"I think she's definitely got a real shot. I'm also, of course, rooting for Dina, and I'm rooting for Kandi," he expressed. "But Lolo, from the very beginning, she picked me for the first challenge and we were at odds a few times through the course of this. But... I admire her tenacity. She's chasing her dream of representing America, and I think she deserves the win."

Celebrity Big Brother next airs Monday on CBS. See more on the series in the video below.