Chad Johnson Makes a Hilarious Cameo on Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Baby Bachelor in Paradise’

Chad Johnson on 'Baby Bachelor in Paradise'

Bachelor Nation villain Chad Johnson took acting childish to a whole new level on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! The 30-year-old reality star was featured on the third episode of Kimmel’s hysterical spin-off show, “Baby Bachelor in Paradise.” 

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“It feels good to be here to get another opportunity. So far I’ve only seen kids so I’m a little confused at that,” Chad quips.

Once he discovers that he’s only going to be surrounded by little ones, Chad resigns himself to his fate. 

“I could work out and hang out and teach the kids some of my wisdom,” he offers. 

He meets his match in Ethan, a 3-year-old trouble maker who challenges him to a splash fight in the kiddie pool.

“You tryin’ to go, bro? That’s how it’s going to be?” Chad asks, as Ethan declares, “I’m going to kick his butt!”

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“I didn’t expect Ethan to come at me like that,” Chad adds in a side interview. “I think I see a lot of myself in Ethan.”

Watch the clip to see the hilarious sketch! And for more from Bachelor Nation, watch the video below! 

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