Chance the Rapper Dishes on Calling Barack Obama & Hanging With Kanye West In Hilarious New 'Carpool Karaoke'

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Chance the Rapper has some friends in high places -- although he has to jump through some hoops to actually chat with them).

The "All We Got" artist sat down in the passenger seat of James Corden's SUV for a brand new installment of "Carpool Karaoke" on Tuesday's The Late Late Show, and in between performing some of his best tracks, he also dished on his famous friendship with President Barack Obama.

While he admitted that they aren't besties or anything, he did reveal that he has a semi-direct line to the former world leader.

"I don't have his number, but I have a number for him," Chance said. "I have a person I could call that will say, 'OK, I'll have him call you.'" 

As it turns out, Chance says, "It's the same way with JAY-Z."

"JAY-Z and Barack Obama are very similar," he explained. "Both of them have an assistant that you have to call, and then you get a call from a private number, and it's either JAY-Z or Barack Obama on the phone."

"I never know which one is calling when I get that call back number," he added with a laugh.

Corden joked, "I feel if I did that, people would go, 'He doesn't need to call me back. I've got the only answer I needed, he's dead to me.'"

However, Chance revealed one super famous artist he does have the direct line for: Kanye West. And it just so happens that Corden has a similar connection to the rapper.

"I hosted a thing in New York once, and he was there, and he said, 'Gimme your number, man,' we were backstage," Corden recounted. "He said, 'We're having a party later at a studio in New York, do you want to come?' And I was like, 'Yeah!'"

The late night host went on to say that, later that night, he hadn't gotten a text and figured West had just forgotten about him. 

"But then, he sent me a text at 3 a.m. saying, 'We'll be getting there in about an hour,'" Corden recalled. "I was like, 'What do I do? Do I get dressed and go out at 4 a.m.?'"

"I've been in that same kind of place," Chance admitted. "Kanye's the kind of dude where, like, you'll meet up with him to do one thing, and then he'll be like, 'Oh! I gotta go to Milan right now, let's get on this jet.' And you gotta make a decision right there. Like, 'Am I about to follow Kanye to Milan or go to this date that I have planned?'"

Chance called the inner debate a full-blown "spiritual battle" raging in your head, and Corden explained that it all comes down to wanting to be able to have an amazing story to tell people about about following West on a whim.

But what you don't want, Corden added, is to realize you've made a complete mistake. Or, as Chance put it, you don't want to realize that your life is "completely different now" after one wild, unforgettable adventure with West.

During the memorable ride to Corden's work, the talk show host also had the rapper -- who admitted that he hates vegetables and never eats them -- put on a blindfold and eat fresh veggies from a farmers market. Chance's disgusted reactions to a carrot and celery stalk are downright amazing.

The Late Late Show airs weekdays at 12:30 a.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Check out the video below for some great recent "Carpool Karaoke" moments.


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