Chase Chrisley Recalls 'Dirty' Drama Between Ex-Fiancée Emmy Medders, Says He Wants to Be on 'The Bachelor'

Chase and Emmy announced the end of their engagement in July.

Chase Chrisley isn't holding back when speaking about the end of his relationship with Emmy Medders

The Chrisley Knows Best star joined his younger sister, Savannah Chrisley, on the latest episode of her Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley podcast, where he dished on their split. 

Savannah began the show by pressing Chase about why he chose not to reveal the end of his relationship when he was last on the podcast. After telling his sister that it was fresh, and he's ready to talk now, she prompted him by saying, "I told you not to get engaged. I told you so." 

Chase admitted that he didn't listen to his sister, but revealed he learned some lessons.

"I learned a lot of lessons. Our entire relationship, it wasn't all bad times," Chase said. "I got a lot of sh*t that I'm dealing with. She's got a lot of sh*t she's dealing with. She just chose to leave me while I was dealing with my sh*t. But we mutually agreed to just part ways." 

The Growing Up Chrisley star revealed that he did have a hard time with his and Emmy's breakup, but he's all good now.

"I'm great, I'm doing real good now," he said. "It was rough there for a little while but I'm over it now."

Chase, 27, and Emmy, 26, got engaged in October 2022, following two years of on-again, off-again relationship. In July, Chase took to Instagram to share that they ended their engagement.

"Everybody has been asking a lot of questions regarding Emmy and myself," he wrote. "We both agreed to parts ways and move on with our lives separately. Thank you for respecting our privacy." 

Chase did not go into too much detail about what exactly lead to his split. However, he did reveal that things with Emmy did not always appear as they seemed. 

"There's a lot of dirty sh** that went down that should have been handled differently," he told Savannah. "The lack of respect was not there."

Taking accountability for his part in it, Chase added, "I've made mistakes in our relationship, 100 percent. So did she."

Chase revealed that things were rocky with Emmy while he was dealing with his parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley's, combined 19-year prison sentences, following their tax fraud conviction, and she was dealing with her father's ALS battle.

"What we're going through is not an excuse for any type of behavior," he said about his behavior while dating Emmy. "But I did act out of character. I got drunk and said sh*t I shouldn't have said. But I stand by everything I said. I should have said it when I was in the right headspace, my delivery could have been different. But I'm good with what I said."

Savannah said that she saw the signs leading to Emmy and Chase's relationship's demise early on, noting that she would see comments from Emmy on social media "that maybe shouldn't have happened." The host also shared the moment she was done with Emmy.

"I like y'all better apart than I like you together," she told her brother. "I said that from the beginning. I didn't think the intentions were right. But I gave her a chance during some point of the process. But the moment she yelled at me on the phone I was done."

Chase reiterated that he didn't come on his sister's podcast to "bash" his ex, but he did want to set the record straight on their relationship.

"It's just safe to say she's not who I thought she was," he said. 

Chase said that while he would be there for Emmy and her family if she needed him, there's no way there's a chance they would rekindle their relationship.

"If they needed me I would be there for them today," he said. "Would I ever get back with her? Not a chance in hell because I've seen too much, I've seen true colors. 

For now, Chase is enjoying his bachelor status. The reality TV star revealed that he is currently dating, and not looking for someone who is looking to gain followers or fame from being with him. That being said, Chase is willing to put his dating life on the world stage, and is open to going on The Bachelor

"I would go on The Bachelor," he told his sister after she suggested using her podcast to set him up. "I could do it. My a** wouldn't find no love. I know I wouldn't."

When Savannah suggested he get his start on The Bachelorette to build his name like other Bachelor Nation stars, Chase shared he isn't about that. 

"I'm too toxic for The Bachelorette," he quipped. "I'm already famous. I don't need to do it for fame. I want the love."