Cher Denied Temporary Conservatorship Over Son Elijah Blue Allman

The judge said she was 'not persuaded' in the singer's attempt to have temporary conservatorship of her son.

Cher's bid to serve as her son's temporary conservator has been denied in court after the judge said she was not convinced.

In court documents obtained by ET, Judge Jessica A. Uzcategui ruled Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court that the "Believe" singer didn't give her 47-year-old son, Elijah Blue Allman, or his attorneys enough time to review necessary documents ahead of a Friday hearing. She was required to send those documents at least five days before the hearing, but that didn't happen.

Cher filed paperwork last week seeking to immediately establish the conservatorship because she feared Allman's severe mental health and substance abuse issues prevented him from properly managing his financial assets. He receives money from a trust established by his late father, musician Gregg Allman.

In her court filing, Cher argued that a payment from the trust was pending and that the immediate establishment of a temporary conservator was a "life-and-death proposition." But the judge said she was "not persuaded." According to multiple reports, Uzcategui cited the singer's unwillingness to share material with Allman's attorneys when contacted Thursday. In response, Cher said the documents contained sensitive information and she only felt comfortable handing over the documents to Allman's court-appointed lawyer.

For his part, Allman argued that a conservatorship is not necessary and that his mother is "unfit to serve" as his conservator. In court documents, Allman acknowledged his addiction struggle, but he's now in treatment and, as a result, more than three months sober. 

If a conservatorship is needed, Allman stated in court documents, he'd prefer that role go to his wife, Marie Angela King, whom he's no longer estranged from after he filed to dismiss his divorce case earlier this week.

"Given that I no longer have an active dissolution case, I believe that my wife would have priority to be appointed conservator, if necessary, but I do not need that either," Allman said in court documents (via USA TODAY). "Under no circumstances am I comfortable having my mom as my conservator even if that was necessary." 

King previously accused Cher of plotting to have Allman kidnapped, which Cher denied, and also accused the singer of refusing to return her possessions when Allman's divorce case was still active.

Allman added, "While I understand that my mother, the proposed conservator, believes she is looking out for my best interests and I appreciate her love and support, I do not need her unsolicited help or support at this time."

The next hearing on the matter is scheduled for Jan. 29.