'Chicago P.D.' Finale First Look: Atwater Pulls Off a Major Bust With Help From a Troubling Ally (Exclusive)

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The past is coming back to haunt Atwater. 

Chicago P.Dwraps up its shortened seventh season with Wednesday's finale, titled "Silence of the Night." In the season closer, Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) is forced to partner up with his biggest nightmare -- Tom Doyle (guest star Mickey O'Sullivan), the same racist officer who pointed a gun at him last season -- to take down a gun-trafficking operation P.D. has been tracking for months.

The two go undercover to pull off the bust, putting their hairy past behind them. But one can't help but sense the bubbling tension between them. 

"This is the guy I've been talking about. Came ready to play...," Doyle says in ET's exclusive clip, vouching for Atwater as the P.D. officer poses as a buyer for a case of illegal firearms.

"And I threw in an extra G in good faith," Atwater replies, playing his part to a T. He must be a damn good actor because the unsuspecting gun dealers present him with a gold mine. That's all Doyle and Atwater need to bring them to justice as their counterparts storm in and surround the dealers.

Moments after their successful bust, Doyle and Atwater celebrate their win with a fist bump and are as friendly as can be, even exchanging compliments. (Seriously, are we living in an alternate universe?) No matter, something big must have happened between the two former foes because Doyle suggests they have a boys' night and have some beers to laud their accomplishment. 

"Look, I don't want to go there but I will if I have to," Doyle, recently promoted to detective, tells Atwater after he turns him down. What exactly is Doyle talking about? "Well, I pretty much saved your life yesterday so I figured the least you could do is let me buy you a stinkin' beer." A few questions: What happened the night before and will Atwater actually take him up on it? Press play above on ET's exclusive clip to see Atwater's answer.

The season seven finale of Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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