Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson Address Those 'Bodyguard' Remake Rumors (Exclusive)

The 'Men in Black: International' co-stars are ready to gender-swap the Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner classic.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will always love working together -- and they've already got an idea for their next project!

ET's Nischelle Turner sat down with their pair ahead of the release of their latest co-starring venture, Men in Black: International, and asked them to respond to the rumors that they want to team up again and remake the 1992 Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner classic, The Bodyguard.

"I started this rumor," Thompson admitted with a laugh. "Because when we were making Thor [Ragnarok], he comes into work on Monday, and I'm like, 'How was your weekend?' and he's like, 'Good.' He's like, 'Ah, The Bodyguard is such a good movie.'"

"And I'm like, 'I'm sorry, what?' That's what he had been doing on Sunday, watching The Bodyguard," she recounted. 

"When's the last time you watched that?" Hemsworth answered defensively. "It's brilliant!"

From there, Thompson said, she got the idea to remake the iconic romance -- in which Costner plays a former Secret Service agent hired to protect Houston, who plays a famous singer dealing with a stalker -- but with the "roles reversed."

"I'll be Whitney, yeah," Hemsworth agreed. "And you carry me off-stage at some point."

While the Australian actor admitted that he finds The Bodyguard "almost too special to remake," he said he's never not thrilled to be working alongside Thompson, whom he described as "the kindest human being, with the biggest heart, and the most beautiful actress on the screen." After a beat, he followed up with a similar shout out to wife Elsa Pataky, but joked, "she's not here." 

"I'm speechless, actually," his co-star said of the compliment, as the pair joked that she paid him off for the kind words.

"It's been great," Hemsworth added of teaming up with Thompson again in the new installment in the Men in Black franchise. "Hopefully, she'll have me around again."

Meanwhile, Thompson is ready to complete her "Hemsworth trifecta" after starring alongside Chris in MiB and Thor, as well as his older brother, Luke, in Westworld.

"I just need Liam," she noted. "And then, I don't know what happens!"

"He's ready and willing and able," Hemsworth said, endorsing his younger brother.

But The Bodyguard isn't the only idea Hemsworth has in the works. Check out the video below to see Tiffany Haddish's reaction when the Avengers star pitched her an idea for a movie centered around “an Australian strip group!”

Men in Black: International hits theaters on June 14.



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