Chris Hemsworth Shares His Sexy Shirtless Boxing Workout

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment

Never has an assistant been more valuable to Hemsworth fans!

Here comes Chris Hemsworth in black!

But black shorts only -- and we’re not complaining. The 34-year-old Australian hunk appears to be prepping for a part in the upcoming Men in Black movie spinoff as he got into the ring with boxing trainer, Luke Zocchi, for a sweaty, shirtless session.

And, in a sweet service to fans around the globe, his assistant, Aaron Gist, captured the glorious bout on camera.

In the clip, the ripped father of three is seen taking on Zocchi in a field, while sporting a boxing glove with his blockbuster alter-ego, Thor, emblazoned on it.

"Outdoor session in London for MIB!! Cheers to @zocothebodypro for posing as an alien and letting me beat up on him," Hemsworth tweeted along with the clip. "Sorry for the boot in the face. #MenInBlack."

The project comes more than 20 years after Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones brought the sci-fi, action comedy to the screen.

The new film is slated to come out in 2019. In February, Straight Outta Compton director, F. Gary Gray, was reported to be in talks to direct the movie.

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