Chrissy Teigen Experiences Yet Another Earthquake While On Vacation in Bali

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What’s worse than experiencing an earthquake while on a tropical vacation? Experiencing a second earthquake before you head home!

As implausible as it sounds, that’s precisely what happened to Chrissy Teigen on Wednesday as she, her husband John Legend and their kids, 2-year-old Luna and 2-month-old Miles, continued their Indonesian getaway in Bali.

“Earthquake in the daytime. That’s a change,” the 32-year-old model tweeted from the scenic locale as the second earthquake in a week erupted on the nearby island of Lombok. When asked by a fan if it was a big one or a small one, she replied, “Little. Guessing the 3’s. High 3’s?”

What she is referring to is the Richtor magnitude scale, which measures the size of an earthquake. The scale ranges from 1.0 (micro quakes) to 9.0. (total devastation).

After Teigen’s comment, a follower chimed in that the quake on Wednesday had measured 6.2, which is fairly strong. “At this point they’re all small compared to a few days ago,” she replied.

On Sunday morning, Aug. 5, Lombok island experienced a 7.0 earthquake causing massive destruction and killing dozens.

“Oh my god,” she wrote at the time. “Bali. Trembling. So long. Phewwwwww. Oh man. We are on stilts. It felt like a ride. Fifteen seconds of ‘hooooooly sh*t this is happening.’ I very calmly walked outside clutching my baby saying, ‘I’m naked. I’m naked. I’m naked.’ Like a naked zombie.”

Soon after she wrote that, some local reports had begun sharing her own tweets from during the quake, prompting her to write, "‘Great, a news story just talked about my crotch tweet in the middle of [the] earthquake tweets. I gotta delete it, that can’t be how I go down.”

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