Chrissy Teigen Pens Emotional Note About Her Body's Response to Her Pregnancy Loss

It's been almost a year since the model suffered the pregnancy loss of her third child.

Chrissy Teigen is opening up about her continued body struggles after her heartbreaking pregnancy loss. It's been almost a year since Teigen lost her son, Jack, at 20 weeks pregnant.

"It’s really weird when you lose a baby and your body gets paused in time," the 35-year-old model captioned a mirror selfie in a sports bra and leggings. "When you lose a baby halfway through, your body just pauses. It has nothing to do. No one to feed. And you’re just…stuck. Stuck with saggy boobs that were prepping to be milk bags, a belly that was ready to bake." 

The mother of two shared how hard the issue has been for her both physically and mentally. 

"I would be lying if I said this did not majorly suck," she continued. "Not only are you ummmm extremely, diabolically sad at what could have been, but you have this daily reminder every time you look in the goddamn mirror."

Teigen, who has two children, 5-year-old Luna and 3-year-old Miles, with husband John Legend, asked her followers not to "say nice things," noting that she just felt like being "emo for a minute." 

It's been a difficult year for Teigen, who has also been involved in a cyber bullying scandal

Back in August, Teigen, who has also been on a sobriety journey, opened up about her emotional struggles, writing, "I don’t really feel like I fully processed Jack and now that I don’t have the alcohol to numb it away, things are just…there, waiting to be acknowledged. I guess what I’m saying here is life is so f**king complicated."