Chrissy Teigen Shares Which Celebrities Have Slid Into Her DMs

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Manny Carabel/Getty Images

The 'Cravings' cookbook author gets candid about her social media use.

Chrissy Teigen admits to spending too much time on Twitter, but really, who doesn’t?

“I check you too often,” the Cravings cookbook author confessed in a special Twitter video shared on Friday. While Teigen checks the social media app mostly when she wakes up "at 7 or 7:30 a.m.," she also admits to checking in when she goes to the bathroom, after emails, while sitting on the couch, and so forth. It does make for some fun interactions with fans and internet trolls.

There’s even been some celebrities who have slid into her DMs. “Me and Mindy Kaling talking about face masks,” she shared when looking at her direct messages, which also included @darth and “basically a ton of Bravo stars.”

“Diddy told me to have a blessed day,” she continued. “Even going through it now I’m like, sh*t, I need to write these people back.”

Additionally, Teigen -- who in no way holds back on the app -- was asked if Twitter should get an edit button, to which she replied, “I used to think there should be and now I completely do not. I am so anti the edit button.”

The Lip Sync Battle co-host also revealed that she “stans” Rihanna, Beyonce and pretty much “any powerful, strong women.”

Twitter isn't the only social media platform where Teigen is her best self. Instagram is also filled with the mother of two sharing real and hilarious updates from her life.

On Friday, she posted the most adorable photo of her son Miles, to which husband John Legend replied, "He is me!" The comment then prompted Teigen to jokingly reply, "It's important to cheat with people who look like your husband."


For more of Teigen keeping it real, watch the video below.