Christina Aguilera Talks Remaking 'Reflection' for New 'Mulan' (Exclusive)

The singer reflects on 20 years since she first recorded the ballad for the animated version of the Disney classic.

Christina Aguilera holds a special place in her heart for her song, "Reflection." The pop star re-recorded a new version of the 1998 ballad for the live-action remake of Mulan, a moment she describes as "full circle" in ET's exclusive featurette of the making of the music video.

"It's so amazing to come full circle, 20 years later, to a song that holds such special meaning to me," Aguilera says in the clip above. "'Reflection' is the song, and the first Mulan, is the reason why I'm sitting here today."

"The new version takes on a more serious tone," she describes. "So I wanted to bring more of that huge orchestration, and also sing it in a bigger way."

The new "Reflection" music video, which includes scenes from the upcoming film, was released on Friday, and shows the singer in a blue ethereal gown while sitting in a dark room.

Aside from recording a new English and Spanish version of "Reflection," she also penned another inspiring ballad titled "Loyal Brave True." In March, Aguilera told ET at the movie's premiere that being involved in the new Mulan was "meant to be."

"It feels so amazing, just to come full circle as a grown woman who has had an amazing career thus far and to be able to take my children to now the live-action movie," Aguilera marveled, adding how rewarding it feels to "do something that I love and I believe in so much."

"Being a warrior and a fighter is what has been the thread throughout all the music in my career," she shared. "So to now be bringing that to light once again in such a beautiful film is so amazing, nostalgic and very meant to be."

Last August, Aguilera also told ET that "Reflection" was the song that "jump-started" her career.

"I auditioned with the song 'Reflection' and [it] coincided with getting my first record deal," Aguilera shared with ET. "And the fact that I sang 'Reflection,' which jump-started everything, getting my foot in the door, it's so cute and so amazing to look back and see the growth in your life, in your career and just in yourself. It's just a great day."

For more on Aguilera and her work on Mulan, watch below. Mulan will be available on Disney+ with premier access on Sept. 4 for $29.99.