Christina and Josh Hall Spill on the Most Romantic Thing He's Ever Done and How He Is as a Stepdad (Exclusive)

The couple is gearing up for new episodes of 'Christina on the Coast' to air.

Christina Hall and Josh Hall are opening up about their life together. The Christina on the Coast star and her husband sat down for the latest edition of ET's "Spilling the E-Tea," and shared details about their relationship and life as parents.

The couple, who was first publicly linked in 2021 and tied the knot less than a year later, began by talking romance, with Josh admitting to his wife, "I am not a romantic by any means. You are definitely the romantic."

Even so, Josh did pull off quite the romantic gesture early in their relationship.

"I'd say the most romantic thing I've done was your first birthday we spent together," he said. "The whole vacation could kind of be wrapped up into one romantic event, but the private dinner at that secret wonderland restaurant when we were the only ones there."

"See, you impressed me at the beginning. You pretended you were romantic, but you really weren't," Christina told her husband. "... You hooked me. You were like, 'Look how romantic I am,' because that was a romantic trip, but since then you're like, 'Eh, that's good. We're married.'"

"Oh yeah, once I had you the romance was gone," Josh joked, before sharing what he considers romantic. "You know what’s romantic? 6:30 a.m. coffee every day."

"That's pretty nice," Christina acquiesced.

While that trip was certainly one to remember, in everyday life, Christina said she and Josh "just like to really not do a lot."

"I was waiting for the word recluse," Josh joked.

"Yeah, recluse is more me -- you're less recluse than I am -- but I would say that we like to just be alone," Christina responded. "... We're kind of just in our own little world. I'm a very simple person."

Their alone time isn't completely solo, though, as it's largely spent with Christina's three kids -- Taylor, 12, Brayden, 7, and Hudson, 3 -- from her past marriages. The fact that Christina and Josh parent without full-time help is something that often surprises fans, she said.

"Every time I give advice or something people are like, 'Well, of course that's easy for you to say. You have all the help!'" Christina said. "We don't have assistance. We don't have full-time nannies. Both of us like to do almost everything on our own, so we really do parent on our own."

As for how Josh has adapted to that reality, he admitted "there's a lot of adjustments to being a stepdad."

"It's adjusting my time. Instead of having to just take care of you, I've got three little ones that I have to give attention to as much as you do," he said. "But I think it's very rewarding, because I now know that when those kids become contributing adults to society one day, I'll have had an impact on how they were brought up and what they become."

It's with that in mind that Josh developed his parenting style as "the authority."

"Christina is the one who says. 'Whatever you want,'" he said. "... I haven't been around these kids their whole lives, but the time I have been they already know, 'If Josh says no, go ask Mom.'"

"I'm Mommy. I'm sweet. They love me," Christina said, before Josh joked, "It's fun, but, you know what? In the long run, they're going to love me more, because they're going to be like, 'That guy kept me in line. He made me what I am today.'"

When it comes to what the kids' futures may be, Josh and Christina disagree about which little one may follow in their mom's designer footsteps.

"I'm going to throw you a curve ball, you think it's Taylor, [but] surprisingly Hudson is very detailed," Josh said. "He likes colors and he's always giving you an opinion."

"He's very neat. I don't know if he's gonna be a designer, but you never know," Christina said, before noting, "Taylor's my girl, though, at the end of the day."

For now, it's the couple that's busy with work, as they gear up for new episodes of Christina on the Coast to air. This time around, fans will get to watch the couple redo their own kitchen, which had its challenges for the pair.

"You are very indecisive. You change your mind a lot," Josh told Christina. "When I think we're done, it's locked in, that's my final answer, the contractor does the work and then you come and ask me, 'How did that happen?'"

"I'm actually super decisive, but when it comes to our own kitchen [it's different]," she said. "... You want it to be our style, but also something that we're going to love for years to come. It's hard. I know why people hire a designer. It's a lot of work."

Luckily, though, Christina and Josh agree on design choices "95 percent of the time," the latter said.

"We both know you have strong opinions. You would never let me do something without telling me if you like it or not, and you're obviously very detailed," Christina told Josh. "You have your own style, which, luckily, our style is very similar, because that would be a battle I would not lose."

At the end of the day, they're both happy with how things turned out.

"I think we did a good job of incorporating a few different styles," Christina said of the house, with Josh agreeing, "I'm very proud of this. We did great."

Christina returns in 11 new episodes of the HGTV hit docuseries Christina on the Coast on Thursday, June 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.