Ciara on Daughter's Obsession With Makeup and Why It Makes Dad Russell Wilson Uncomfortable (Exclusive)

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Ciara's daughter is already getting into the pop star's makeup bag! 

The "Level Up" singer, who rocked a sexy white cut-out Acler dress, spoke with ET's Nischelle Turner at Beautycon Festival LA on Sunday about how 2-year-old Sienna is obsessed with Mom's beauty products. 

"She's silly. She says, 'I want my wip woss.'"

"I say, 'Ask your dad,' 'cause you know dads, they get really, like, tricky about their girls," Ciara said of her husband, Russell Wilson. "It's like you're talking about lip gloss way too early, but it’s inevitable because she's always around me getting glam and she loves it, so I got her a fake little makeup set that she loves playing with." 

Ciara has shared an adorable video on social media of her daughter playing with makeup. 

"But she really does like the real stuff and she's figured how to open it, which is really dangerous 'cause I'm like, 'How do you know how to open this already? You're just two years old,'" she continued. "And she's figuring out everything and when she gets her hands into something, you better look out. You better be watching her because she is like, she will take over and she's just like, the world is mine. I'm gonna do what I wanna do kind of attitude." 

The 33-year-old star will soon launch her own beauty brand, aptly named Beauty Marks (the same name as her seventh studio album).

Although she consistently serves glamorous red carpet looks, the mother of two revealed to ET that she feels the most beautiful when she's dressed down, off-duty and spending time with family. 

"I feel like I feel the most beautiful when I'm really stripped down like, you know, when I'm at home in my sweatpants, hair tossed back or, like, bed hair. I love bed hair." 

"But, you know, I'm, like, very simple, you know, I like my really light makeup days," she added. "Days like this I get more glammed up obviously. It's camera and all that fun stuff, so I put a little more makeup on than normal on these days, but I like it when I'm, like, less is more kind of thing. Less is best kind of thing. That kind's my attitude. But when I'm at home with my family and they're loving me, I feel beautiful. You know, it's moments like that that really make me feel good about myself, feeling that love." 

Ciara also dished that Russell loves when she rocks her natural hair. 

"He likes me when I'm,like, extension-less. OK, I'll just say that and leave it there 'cause he’s like, that's my favorite hairstyle when I'm like, you know, no extensions, really raw. And when he said that to me, it actually made me feel really good. I can't lie. I was like, 'I feel good about myself,' but it was. like. an extra little touch of love that made me feel like, 'Oh, OK, well yeah, extension-less is actually, I'm all right, you know?'"

So is there a treatment the GRAMMY-winning singer swears by to maintain her natural beauty? 

"I love microderms. It's not crazy, but it was this thing that I didn't understand until I tried it and I love exfoliating my skin," she shared. "There's nothing like when you come out of that microderm and you see your skin naturally glowing and I like doing face masks as well. Actually, I wanna get more of a routine of doing that and, like, making sure I'm hydrating under my eyes 'cause I go day in and day out and, like, before you know it, your face gets beat up, too." 

In preparation for her Beauty Marks tour, which kicks off in September, Ciara and Russell are staying healthy. 

"I literally just started a fast. Me and my husband, we're on this kick of doing, like, no desserts, no sodas, no candy," she said. 

"I'm, like, about to be on the kick of, like, just, you know, being a bit aggressive with taking care of myself and preparing myself for the road and I'm excited for this challenge because I've, like, kind of been going and going nonstop with taping shows and all this stuff and haven't been able to work out as much as I wanted to, but I'm about to kick into, like, fifth gear and just be prepared," she shared. 

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