Ciara on Preparing for Baby No. 3 Amid Quarantine (Exclusive)

The singer also shared how she teamed up with the USO and Munchkin Baby Products to surprise military wives for Mother's Day.

Ciara's third pregnancy is already unlike her previous two.

The "Level Up" singer has had to adjust to a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic while expecting her third child with husband Russell Wilson. Ciara is due this summer, and her new baby boy will join almost 6-year-old Future and 3-year-old Sienna.

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with the expectant mother via video chat, where she shared how she's preparing for the birth of her third child and how different things are for moms-to-be amid quarantine.

"When I got the news that Russ and I could not to do our ultrasound together and he had to literally wait in the car, and we FaceTimed in the car and I was in the doctor’s office, that was, like, a really significant moment, I think, in all of this that really marked the time of where I am in my life as a pregnant woman," Ciara says. "I could not help but think about everything else."

"And you start hearing these stories about moms not being able to give birth with their partner. They stopped that immediately to my understanding, but the amount of people that come to the hospital during the birth has been limited," she continues. "So Russ is going to be not only dad but the videographer and the photographer. He is going to be everything online. But, you know, we are figuring it all out and I'm just really big on trying to find positivity in the mix of a moment that could be negative or feel heavy. I am always trying to find a way to get to that, so I have not been worried as much as I probably could have."

For now, she's getting her rest, relaxing and spending time with her family, who keeps her busy.

"We're appreciating this time that we're having together in quarantine. It's a very surreal and unique time, but I do believe there's a silver lining in all of it," she explains. "There's one really beautiful thing that's come out of this, it's us spending the time we're having, because normally he'd be in training right now."

With sports teams having to cancel seasons and practice and artists like Ciara having to postpone shows and stay home, the family is not used to spending so much time together.

"What we did with my last pregnancy was he was flying in, like, twice a week to be with me," Ciara who is, and was, staying in California during her pregnancies, shares. "So luckily, he's able to be with me and the kids, and we're just making the best of all of it."

"He's stuck with me and I'm stuck with him," she jokingly adds. "But it's amazing, and honestly, it's not as abnormal for us. We never get time like this, you know. That's just the way our schedules are designed. Even if I was staying at home, he'd be out doing football. So it's a very, very sweet time and, you know, it's sweet to have this time in the midst of it all."

During this time of uncertainty, Ciara is also finding ways to give back. While the couple has made plenty of donations, including giving a million meals to Feeding America in Seattle, Ciara teamed up with the USO and Munchkin baby products to surprise military wives with a virtual baby shower ahead of Mother’s Day. The wives are based at Fort Hood in Texas, where Ciara was born.

"I'm a military baby, so I have a deep connection to any person, any member of the USO. And especially during this time, I couldn't help but think about them," she says. "I was scheduled to do a concert there this year… I just wanted to give back in some kind of way and I couldn't help but think about the moms."

"I wanted to give them something, a token of appreciation, a token of love, letting them know that someone's thinking of them," she adds. "And hopefully a little piece of joy or a little bit of light in the midst of this time that we're in. We gotta figure it out, and I gotta prepare my own virtual baby shower for myself."

Ciara is also finding ways to connect with expectant mothers during this time, and find a safe space to talk about how they're dealing with pregnancy amid the pandemic.

"It's interesting that you don't really hear a lot about us pregnant women during this time of COVID-19," Ciara says. "There's a lot of wonders, I think for all of us, and I try to find ways to connect with the women, especially expectant mothers, during this time. So I've been doing, like, my Women's Wednesdays, where every Wednesday I talk with women, and one week I had pregnant women. My mind can't help but turn and think about us women because it is kind of like, OK, what about us in all of this?"

For more on Ciara and how she and her family and friends have stayed connected amid quarantine, watch below.