Ciara Reveals She Worked Out 3 Times a Day Following Birth of 2nd Child

Victor Demarchelier

The singer's work ethic is second to none. 

Ciara's work ethic is second to none. 

The 32-year-old singer covers Cosmopolitan's November issue, in which she talks about her routine following giving birth to daughter Sienna last April. Ciara isn't afraid to admit she works hard for her famously toned physique, working out up to three times a day.

"It was kind of like, wake up in the morning, breastfeed, eat a small meal, go train, come back in, breastfeed, eat another meal, go train, then come back, have another meal, and then a third training session at night," she shares. "It was a good challenge, one I set for myself, not for anyone else. Taking care of myself makes me feel really good. And I want to keep it sexy too, you know."

Victor Demarchelier

The same work ethic and ambition applies to her career -- though Ciara notes that her marriage to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and being a mom to Sienna and son Future Zahir (whom she shares with her ex-fiance, rapper Future) is still her priority. 

"I never thought, I can't be because of the color of my skin, I can't be because of my gender," she notes. "No dream is too big. I want to be a billionaire. The more resources, the more you can do. But I think my greatest accomplishment 10 years from now is that I would have a successful life as it pertains to my marriage and being a mom. It's cool to want to do all these creative things, but it's no good to gain the world if you lose your soul."

She also doesn't let the trolls get her down.

"When someone comes for you and you didn't send for them, you keep your eye on the prize," she says. "I know what my mission is. I know what I'm hoping for and working hard for every day. And that's my focus. I'm not going to let people steal my joy. I move on. New day, new opportunity, new energy, let's go."

Victor Demarchelier

ET spoke to Ciara and Wilson at the ESPY Awards in July, when they talked about 1-year-old Sienna already taking after her famous mama when it comes to showing off her killer dance moves. Watch below: