CNCO and PRETTYMUCH's 'Me Necesita': Behind the Scenes of the Action-Packed Music Video! (Exclusive)

Only ET was on set while the boy bands filmed the music video for the new collaboration.

CNCO and PRETTYMUCH had a blast work on their new collaboration, "Me Necesita."

Only ET was on the Los Angeles set of of the boy bands' music video directed by Isaac Rentz, where they dished on all the fun they had while making history.

"It's the first time that we collab with a boy band," CNCO's Zabdiel De Jesús told ET's Deidre Behar. "Actually, I think it's the first time that any boy band collabs in history. So we can say that we making history.

"It's been cool getting to vibe with the guys, dancing," Edwin Honoret from PRETTYMUCH said. "They dance too, we dance, and it was cool to dance with each other and bounce around ideas. It's been a really cool time."

In the video, PRETTYMUCH -- which consists of Brandon Arreaga, Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara and Zion Kuwonu -- and CNCO -- composed of Joel Pimentel, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez and De Jesús -- have an epic soccer match that's fused with killer dance sequences and gravity-defying stunts.

Rahul Bhatt
Rahul Bhatt

"You're going to see a lot high-action soccer," Honoret explained. "Flying, a lot of flipping… You're going to see a lot of cool stunts. But you're also going to see some really, really, dope dancing and 10 good-looking dudes dressed fly as hell."

The guys also admitted that they wanted to do all the stunts themselves -- and even got a little bruised up. 

"We had so much fun because it's all with cables," Camacho said. "You had to pretend you're flying and it just felt like a cool experience that we've never done before. We all did our stunts. We all did our tricks, so it just felt like this is gonna be a very epic video. We're very excited for you guys to see the final cause it's gonna be crazy."

See more of the action-packed set in the video above, including what the biggest challenges were and what each boy band admires about one another. 

"Me Necesita" is out now, watch the music video below.