Colton Underwood on Reaching 1st Anniversary With Cassie Randolph: It 'Hasn't Been the Easiest' (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the couple at the 2019 CMA Awards in Nashville on Wednesday.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph put in the hard work to make their relationship last post-Bachelor. 

ET's Cassie DiLaura spoke with the couple at the 2019 Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday, where they opened up about how they'll celebrate their upcoming first anniversary together -- a big feat in the Bachelor world. 

"I think just as a couple and individually, we've grown more into who we are, and [we're] really standing up and not letting societal pressure or pressures from the show get to us," Underwood shared. "It's been really helpful for both of us to be there for each other, because it hasn't been the easiest year with all the changes, but knowing I have her by my side has been great."

Underwood was the first Bachelor in five years not to end his season with a proposal -- and the first in history to nearly quit the show to follow a contestant over a fence out the door -- but it ended up being the right move. A year into their relationship, they're learning to embrace each other's differences. 

"I'm such a homebody, he's a traveler. I think that's the biggest thing I've learned, so it's learning -- it's two different worlds. I enjoy traveling now," Randolph admitted. 

The pair went back and forth picking their anniversary date, and decided it would be Nov. 14, the first day the cameras stopped filming on The Bachelor. For their first anniversary, Underwood's got a big surprise trip planned. "We're leaving really early in the morning. ...He said, 'It's warm, pack a lot of bathing suits,'" Randolph revealed. "I'm a little stressed out about it, because I'm kind of a control freak. I need to know!"

"She has bathing suits, but we're going to Alaska!" Underwood joked. 

"That's what I'm scared of," Randolph confessed. 

Underwood is a self-professed romantic, and determined to make his girlfriend feel special. "I like planning and having lots of surprises. I think she's going to love it," he gushed. 

For now, Underwood and Randolph are geeking out over Wednesday's CMA Awards. "I'm so excited. I love country music, I can't wait to hear everyone [sing]," Randolph expressed. 

"I think it was one of the first things we hit it off on, on the show, was this love for country music. And now that we've been out of it and hanging out and being able to spend time with thee people, they're some of the most humble and kind human beings," Underwood added. "So, tonight's all about celebrating great humans."

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