Couple Who Got Pic Taken by Meghan Markle Recall How She and Prince Harry Were 'So Down to Earth' (Exclusive)

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are "so down to earth," according to the lucky couple who recently got their photo taken by the Duchess of Sussex.

ET spoke with the lovebirds, Iliya Pavlovic and Asymina Kantorowicz, via Skype on Friday, where they shared the story of how they accidentally met the royals while hiking at the Horth Hill Regional Park in North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada on New Year's Day.

"We decided to go for a New Year's Day hike and brought a little picnic. Once we were finishing up, we decided to snap a few selfies. Selfie sticks can only do so much," Kantorowicz, a writer/producer for CTV News Vancouver Island, recalled. "We were taking a look at some of the photos when we noticed a dog come up and then a woman's voice asking us if we wanted her to take our photo."

"We said yes without really realizing who was asking," Kantorowicz continued. "When I looked up, there was Meghan, smiling right at us, waiting for us to hand over our phone. It was kind of shock in that moment and kind of disbelief. I looked over and there was Prince Harry standing nearby, and that's when it really clicked. Like, 'This is actually happening right now. They're in front of us, what are we supposed to do, what are we supposed to say?' Then Meghan took a few photos for us, we made some jokes and they wished us a Happy New Year."

They couldn't have found a more perfect photographer than Meghan, as the picture (see above) turned out great!

"She was great," Kantorowicz exclaimed. "She framed it perfectly. She clearly knew what she was doing."

"She had practice," Pavlovic added. "Harry made kind of a quiet comment, like, 'No pressure.' And Meghan was just like, 'No pressure, gotta take a better picture than the selfie stick.' And she did."

Though the two did not ask Meghan and Harry to snap a pic with them, it's an experience they'll never forget.

"They were so relaxed and so down-to-earth. They were so friendly," Kantorowicz shared, telling ET the royals were dressed in raincoats and beanies. "Honestly, we wouldn't have seen them had they not approached us, so it was so nice of them to stop and help us out."

"In the end, maybe it’s better that we didn't ask for that photo," she added. "We really didn't want to interrupt their hike."

For more on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, watch the video below.


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