Courteney Cox Recreates Iconic 'Friends' Thanksgiving Scene

For a brief moment, the actress was Monica Geller again.

For a brief moment, Courteney Cox was Monica Geller again. 

On Thursday, the 56-year-old actress recreated a scene from a classic Thanksgiving episode of Friends where she dances with a turkey on her head. 

“I’m feeling so thankful,” Cox began her Instagram video before adding that if she sees one more GIF of herself “with a turkey on my head dancing like a f**king fool, I’m just gonna snap.”

To the delight of Friends fans, Cox then recreated the scene. "So anyhow, since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go, hope it makes you happy," she said before going into the turkey dance.

Lisa Kudrow, who portrayed Phoebe Buffay on Friends, commented on the video, writing, "You DID THAT!!"

Cox's Instagram video is only getting fans more excited for the NBC sitcom's upcoming reunion on HBO Max. Earlier this month, Matthew Perry tweeted that the highly anticipated special would be airing in March 2021 but that has yet to be officially confirmed. 



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