'Dancing With the Stars: Juniors' Eliminates Third Couple -- Find Out Who Went Home!

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ET breaks down all the best moments from the ballroom Sunday night.

Dancing With the Stars: Juniors has said goodbye to another dance duo.

After each celebrity contestant took turns dancing with their pro partners on Sunday to a song that came out the year they were born, hosts Frankie Muniz and Jordan Fisher announced that Hudson West and Kameron Couch (mentored by Hayley Erbert) would be the third couple to go home in the all-kids edition of the dance competition show.

ABC/Eric McCandless

Despite the sad elimination, the rest of the show was filled with plenty of energy and entertainment, as stars like Stevie Wonder, Mama June, Scottie Pippen and Rashad Jennings all witnessed first-hand in the ballroom.

Here's a full rundown of how the remaining nine contestants performed during week two, along with the scores from celebrity judges Adam Rippon, Mandy Moore and Val Chmerkovskiy.

Mackenzie Ziegler and Sage Rosen, mentored by Gleb Savchenko

Dance style:
Song: "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet
Year Mackenzie Was Born: 2004

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Adam's score: 8 -- "The critique last week was that we wanted more content, and you 100% delivered on that."
Mandy's score: 8 -- "You definitely ate your dance cereal, because you are a new girl this week!"
Val's Score: 8 -- "I was really tough on you last week. This is why. You totally killed it."
Total: 24/30

Sky Brown and JT Church, mentored by Alan Bersten

Dance style: Cha Cha
Song: "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga
Year Sky Was Born: 2008

ABC/Eric McCandless

Adam's score: 8 -- "You come out here, and you start with the backflips and it's so clean. That's my favorite part about this dance -- it's so clean."
Mandy's score: 7 -- "Your face is on point, sister. It was just a little package of awesomeness. Good job!'
Val's Score: 7 -- "Sky, you can do anything! Literally, you can do anything, I believe that. It's so much fun to watch you do your thing."
Total: 22/30

Sophia Pippen and Jake Monreal, mentored by Sasha Farber

Dance style: Foxtrot
Song: "Love Story" by Taylor Swift
Year Sophia Was Born: 2008

ABC/Eric McCandless

Adam's score: 7 -- "You are such a beautiful presence out on the stage ... I want to see you turn it up."
Mandy's score: 6 -- "Well done, you guys!"
Val's Score: 7 -- "I'm saying yes to that. That was incredible. You looked like a real-life Disney princess."
Total: 20/30

Jason Maybaum and Elliana Walmsley, mentored by Emma Slater

Dance style: Jive
Song: "Shake It" by Metro Station
Year Jason Was Born: 2007

ABC/Eric McCandless

Adam's score: 7 -- "You know what I love? It's the confidence. The way you perform is what the show is all about. It comes from the heart."
Mandy's score: 7 -- "That was so good. From the minute you came down there ... I was in love with all the presence and the poise you had."
Val's Score: 7 -- "You really pulled off those pants, man."
Total: 21/30

Mandla Morris and Brightyn Brems, mentored by Cheryl Burke

Dance style: Salsa
Song: "Pump It Up" by The Black Eyed Peas
Year Mandla Was Born: 2005

ABC/Eric McCandless

Adam's score: 8 -- "That was off the charts, I mean, so good!"
Mandy's score: 7 -- "You have such swag and such ability to understand music and musicality, and feel is very natural for you. So think about that when you're learning all these different styles."
Val's Score: 7 -- "Mandla, yo, you got it ... as a performance, that was really good."
Total: 22/30

Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold, mentored by Lindsay Arnold

Dance style: Argentine Tango
Song: "I Don't Want to Be" by Gavin DeGraw
Year Miles Was Born: 2004

ABC/Eric McCandless

Adam's score: 8 -- "There was so much content, there was so much partner work. That was excellent. You should be so proud."
Mandy's score: 8 -- "What I loved about that is, you took command of that performance."
Val's Score: 8 -- "You took command and you did it with a girl that's taller than you. I was very impressed."
Total: 24/30

Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and Tristan Ianiero, mentored by Artem Chigvintsev

Dance style: Cha Cha
Song: "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes
Year Honey Boo Boo Was Born: 2005

ABC/Eric McCandless

Adam's score: 7 -- "Alana, you come out here and you own it. Was there a moment when you were walking around like you were at the mall? Yeah, 100% there was, but you can't help but love to watch you perform."
Mandy's score: 6 -- "I love dance so much too, that's why I see you, girl. You are like my spirit animal. I get it!" 
Val's Score: 6 -- "I never thought I'd get emotional to a Pussycat Doll song, but watching you dance, honestly, and the transformation you've shown on the show makes me really, really proud."
Total: 19/30

Akash Vukoti and Kamri Peterson, mentored by Witney Carson

Dance style: Cha Cha
Song: "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz
Year Akash Was Born: 2009

ABC/Eric McCandless

Adam's score: 7 -- "You come out here and you perform from your heart. And everyone in this room, they feel something."
Mandy's score: 7 -- "When you said that you love this show? We love you. You are not shying away from any of this."
Val's Score: 7 -- "Akash, what's more fun... spelling, or the Cha Cha?"
Total: 21/30

Ariana Greenblatt and Artyon Celestine, mentored by Brandon Armstrong

Dance style: Jive
Song: "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne
Year Ariana Was Born: 2007

ABC/Eric McCandless

Adam's score: 8 -- "Here's the thing, if Val is gonna stand for the first dance of the night... [Adam gives standing ovation]."
Mandy's score: 8 -- "You are really good, little missy, so I hold you at a different standard than I'm holding some of the other dancers. So the question is, did you rise to that standard? And the answer is, 'Yeahhhhh!'"
Val's Score: 8 -- "You are, if not the couple to beat, one of maybe a handful of couples to beat in this competition."
Total: 24/30

Dancing With the Stars: Juniors airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.