‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Sharna Burgess Confirms She's Dating Someone (Exclusive)

ET caught up with Burgess and her dance partner, Bobby Bones, who also dished on joining 'American Idol.'

Sharna Burgess has found somebody special!

The Dancing With the Stars pro confirmed she’s dating someone while she and her dance partner, Bobby Bones, caught up with ET's Katie Krause after Monday's show.

“I'm getting asked that question daily [on social media] and I never said I wasn't dating someone!” Burgess said. “But dating someone also doesn't mean in a relationship, you know what I mean? When it’s real and when it’s something that can be talked about, it will be.”

“You’re just seeing somebody all the time,” piped in Bones, before deciding he’s going to “Kanye this thing,” by humorously declaring “no further comments,” on Burgess’ love life.

Burgess, who previously partnered with comedian Andy Dick, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and basketball coach Derek Fisher on past seasons of the show, has previously been romantically linked with actor Pierson Fode and dancer Paul Kirkland.

Dating aside, the Australian dancer is focused on the upcoming DWTS semifinals, with her and Bones having “rocked” Monday’s episode. Their performance sparked some great feedback from the judges.

“Len nearly made out with Bobby," Burgess said with a laugh. "Well, Bobby nearly made out with Len is a better way to put it."

“Kisses all around,” added Bones, a radio personality. “I can't believe I'm making it to the semifinals. I'll probably kiss the whole audience next week if I make it to the finals. I'm going to just go through all those dancers and make out with everybody.”

Admitting he never contemplated reaching the semifinals, Bones added that he’s learned how unpredictable the competition can be.

“I'm tired of trying to guess who is going to go home because I'm wrong every time and it's weird because now there's eight of us and all eight of us are pretty tight, so you don't want to see anyone go home,” he explained. The dynamic is going to be different in the building because we all practice together.”

As for what the pair has in store for the semifinals, Bones said it’s over to Burgess, as he plans to turn up to rehearsal on Tuesday and “listen to what she says.”

“[I] have to just put in as much work as I can and create dances that are worthy of us getting to the finals -- this one is really on me; there's nothing more that Bobby can do,” Burgess said. “He's giving me all the time he can [and] all the hard work and dedication he can. So, this one lies on me and me only. I’ve got to create the right routine.”

The semifinals aren’t the only thing Bones has to get ready for -- he has just been announced as a mentor on the upcoming season of American Idol!

“I'll be working with all the contestants on their performances, singing and pretty much their entire Idol performance package,” he dished. “I've done a little bit of everything from teaching to radio to music, so they want me to work with the contestants on being a well-rounded performer. The fact that they're bringing me on for every episode is as crazy for me as making the semifinals for Dancing With the Stars. It's nuts right now”

“I do it on my [radio] show a lot,” he added, about helping discover and nurture talent. “Every one of the artists, except Cole Swindell, have opened for me at some point on tour, so they've all been acts that I've been able to befriend and nourish and nurture a bit. I hope I can take a little bit of that to American Idol and see what we can create.”

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