David Dobrik Files for Divorce One Month After Marrying His Best Friend's Mom

The YouTuber spontaneously tied the knot with his pal, Josh Nash's, mother, Lorraine Nash, in May.

That was quick.

Less than one month after saying "I do," David Dobrik and his wife, Lorraine Nash, are getting a divorce.

"We are getting a divorce, breaking news right here," the 22-year-old YouTuber confirmed to ET's Katie Krause at the 2019 iHeartRadio Wango Tango earlier this month.

In May, Dobrik took to Twitter to share that he spontaneously married his best friend and fellow YouTuber, Jason Nash's, mom.

"My friend told me I would never find love and get married. So I flew to his mom's house and married her on the spot. Now that same friend is my stepson. True love always wins," he tweeted alongside photos of the proposal and wedding.

He also shared a newlyweds pic on Instagram, writing: "Last night I became my best friends stepfather by marrying his mother. So grateful for this opportunity. I’ll treat you as my own. Love you Jason, now go take out the trash it’s stinking up our living room."

In court docs obtained by E! News, Dobrik filed for divorce at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

But the marriage appears to be ending on good terms. When asked what Jason thought of his and his mother's marriage, Dobrik told ET that his friend was "happy that I'm in the family now and that I can take care of his children, which are my grandkids now."

"I think everyone was pretty happy about it, to be honest. It was the best time, all jokes aside," he added. "It was so much fun getting married. We went to Hawaii and had a honeymoon."



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