David Dobrik on What He Learned From 1-Month Marriage to Lorraine Nash (Exclusive)

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David Dobrik learned a lot from his one-month marriage to Lorraine Nash. 

ET sat down with with the YouTuber at VidCon in Anaheim, California, on Saturday, where he opened up about his short-lived marriage to Jason Nash's mom. 

"It's crazy because I asked people to respect my privacy, but no one's respecting it," he cracked, before fondly looking back on his relationship with Lorraine. "We had so much fun."

"It was nice to be married for a little bit. But I realized it's a lot of work, and I'm not ready for it yet," Dobrik said. 

The 22-year-old married the mom of his good friend, Nash, in May, but revealed just one month later that they were calling it quits. The split hasn't affected his relationship with Nash, whom he still calls his "son." 

"He misbehaves a lot, so [being his stepfather] was definitely a new page that I had to figure out how to -- I don't know. It was difficult. There's ups and downs to it, but I was with the love of my life, so I didn't care, half the time," he said. "I taught him what sex is."

"He's still my son," Dobrik continued, explaining why he recently surprised Nash with a $75,000 Tesla. "I got him the car, and I noticed the next day we went out filming, he was like, trying extra hard to get funny stuff. I loved it, because it was helping me get my vlog done, but he was really going out there to make things funny."

"He always puts in 110 percent, so he really deserved the car, so I'm glad he got it," Dobrik added. "And he's so stoked about it." 

Despite the divorce, the pair's friendship doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Dobrik told ET last month that Nash didn't mind him marrying his mom. In fact, he said he was "happy that I'm in the family now and that I can take care of his children, which are my grandkids now."

"I think everyone was pretty happy about it, to be honest. It was the best time, all jokes aside," he added. "It was so much fun getting married. We went to Hawaii and had a honeymoon."

See more on the YouTuber in the video below. 

Reporting by Oscar Gracey. 


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