Demi Burnett Gets Support From Bachelor Nation After Coming Out as a 'Queer Queen'


The 24-year-old reality star is drowning out the hate with a bunch of Bachelor Nation love!

Bachelor Nation is standing by Demi Burnett, no matter what. 

The Bachelor alum came out as a "queer queen" following Monday night's Bachelor in Paradise trailer, which showed her in a same-sex relationship. After the trailer's debut on The Bachelorette, Burnett has found herself responding to trolls and viewers sending homophobic messages -- but she and Bachelor Nation are ready to drown out "all the hate." 

"The moment you described the relationship as disgusting is the moment you claimed yourself as homophobic," the 24-year-old reality star, who first appeared on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, tweeted in response to one user on Tuesday. 

"Twitter do your thing," she wrote alongside a screenshot of a message from another user, who called her a "f*****." 

Bachelorette Hannah Brown was one of the first to support Burnett after the trailer on Monday. "and we all, bow down. I love always and forever," she wrote.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Katie Morton, Elyse Dehlbom, Kristina Schulman, Onyeka Ehie and Hannah Godwin all sent love to Burnett, while Garrett Powell, Jason Tartick, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Chris Randone fiercely defended her against one user's derogatory comment. 

"The hate below is absolutely abominable! Bravo to Demi for breaking barriers in The Bachelor Franchise and on a National Network in the pursuit of love and happiness. Regardless of your sexual preference, love is love is love. I support LGBTQ today and every damn day! ? #pride," Tartick wrote. 

"This makes me sick to my stomach. I hate bringing attention to this, but I love that we can all stand up against it. I’m proud of you Demi. And I’m proud of the show for evolving," Bristowe added. 

Randone wrote: "I can’t even begin to comprehend nor fathom this disgusting message. As a brother of a sister who’s lesbian, just know Demi, there’s nothing more beautiful than supporting those who get judged because of their gender preference. Demi we love you ❤️."

All that love made Burnett feel pretty great. "My DMs are so blown up with love that y’all have drowned out all the hate. It’s 3am and I’m going to bed with a smile on my face. Love you all so much ? thank you," she wrote on Wednesday. 

In an interview with ET's Lauren Zima, who guest hosted Thursday's episode of The Ringer's Bachelor Party podcast, Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison said he was proud of the inclusivity of Paradise this season. 

"I'm very excited about, I find it fascinating. It's been a long time coming on this show. And I really look forward to how people will watch and accept and take this season," he said. 

"I'm prepared for all that's about to come. I know it's not all going to be positive. I'm proud of everything we did. I stand behind everything we did 100 percent. And I stand behind Demi 100 percent, and the young lady that she has in her life," Harrison continued. "I'm proud of her, I love her, and I will always have her back, 110 percent."

Bachelor in Paradise returns Monday, Aug. 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more on Burnett in the video below, and join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here