Chris Harrison Says Girlfriend Drama Is Something 'Bachelor' Franchise Will Deal With 'More and More'

'It's a hint of things to come. This is the world we live in,' Harrison said of the seemingly unavoidable drama.

Hannah Brown's season has seen possibly more off-camera scandal than the franchise has ever seen before, but host Chris Harrison thinks the drama is far from over. 

On night one of Brown's season, she sent a man, Scott Anderson, home for having a girlfriend. Soon after, another contestant, Tyler Gwozdz, was mysteriously removed from the show. Then, an ex-girlfriend of frontrunner Jed Wyatt's came forward alleging she and Wyatt were still dating when he went on the series, and a couple weeks later, an ex-girlfriend of Peter Weber's claimed he had ended their serious relationship to appear on The Bachelorette. 

"It's a hint of things to come. This is the world we live in," Harrison told ET's Lauren Zima, who guest hosted this week's episode of the Bachelor Party podcast on The Ringer. 

"In the day and age we live in, this is something we're going to start dealing more and more with. And we already have. People come out of the woodwork all the time," he added. 

The Bachelor franchise is no stranger to drama -- contestants have come on the show in relationships before, while others' social media activity has been scrutinized by fans -- but Harrison noted it's "impossible" to screen contestants as heavily as they'd like to. 

"It really is impossible, because everybody has a background. You're doing a background check? You have a background. We've all dated -- you're never going to go through 100 percent of everybody's lovers," he explained. "This is something we have to deal with, because our show is very real. The people on our show are real." 

Harrison said he hasn't gotten too "deep into the weeds" with the claims Wyatt's ex, Haley Stevens, has made about him, but he's looking forward to getting the truth. 

"Jed, kind of like with Luke [Parker], here's your platform. You have some explaining to do, go. And tell me your story. Tell me your side of the story," he revealed of how he plans to approach Wyatt on After the Final Rose. "I'm not going into this believing Haley. I'm not going into this believing Jed. I don't have a horse in this race… my horse is the truth."

"Before we indict Jed, before we throw him in prison, before we stone him, let's let him speak, and he has not had a chance to speak on his behalf. I will say that part of what she said is true -- he came on the show to promote his career. He admitted that," Harrison continued. "It's not shocking where this may have ended up, but he was as honest as anybody I've ever seen in that moment. Where it goes from there? It's up to him."

The host doesn't plan to get too intense with Wyatt, but isn't afraid of "getting into specifics" about the situation. "He should be prepared to have some answers coming into the finale," Harrison shared. 

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