'The Bachelorette' Frontrunner Peter Weber's Ex Speaks Out: He Betrayed Me for the Show (Exclusive)

Model Calee Lutes is opening up to ET about her relationship with the 'Bachelorette' fan favorite.

Peter Weber's ex-girlfriend is speaking out. 

In serious conversations with Hannah Brown, viewers have seen the Bachelorette frontrunner openly discuss what he said was heartbreak over his last relationship. In an email interview with ET, Weber's ex, model Calee Lutes, is telling her side of the story -- and claiming that he suddenly ended their relationship to appear on the ABC dating show. Her story comes on the heels of another woman, Haley Stevens, speaking out about her alleged relationship with another Bachelorette contestant, Jed Wyatt. 

In his description of the relationship during his one-on-one date with Brown in Latvia, Weber said that his last relationship was "very serious and we felt very deeply for each other," but said things didn't work out because "it wasn't meant to be." He said he was left "devastated" by the breakup, with his family expressing similar sentiments during his hometown date on last week's episode. ET has reached out to ABC and Warner Bros. for comment.

Lutes, who says she dated Weber for five months before their unexpected breakup in late December, is sure she is the woman the pilot -- and possible Bachelor frontrunner -- has been discussing on TV. But she has a very different recollection of their relationship and how it ended. Here's what she told ET: 

ET: Describe how your relationship with Peter started. When and where did you meet? 

Calee Lutes: Peter and I met through a dating app in June of 2018. I live in Atlanta, and he lives in L.A. He had just been hired by Delta, so he was in Atlanta for a month for training. We hit it off and decided to continue dating long distance after his month was up. 

What was your relationship like while you were dating?

It was great, we were crazy about each other. Even though we lived on opposite sides of the country, we saw each other often -- every week/every other week. It was as easy as a long-distance relationship could be. We went on vacations together around the U.S. and we even went to Switzerland in November. 

Calee Lutes

How serious was your relationship? Did you say "I love you," and did you meet each other's families? Did you have plans to live together? 

We were very serious. He told me he loved me for the first time in October, and we talked almost every time we saw each other about how we were going to make it last long term. He wanted me to move out to L.A. to be with him, and he wanted us to get an apartment together. I was open to moving out there for a year or so, to give our relationship a fair chance, but he told me he didn’t want me out there temporarily... he wanted me out there "forever." We also talked about kids, down to the logistics of how we would fly them back and forth between L.A. and Atlanta to visit my family if we did settle down in California. We talked about all of this right up until he broke up with me. 

We did meet each other's families. He met my entire family pretty early on, and I first met his family in August when he invited me on their family vacation in New York. Whenever I would visit Peter in L.A., I would stay with him and his parents, so I spent a good bit of time with them. 

How did your relationship end? 

The whole month of December, everything was normal. Early in the month, I was working in Santa Barbara, so he drove up to see me all three days I was there. We talked yet again about the future, and he asked me if I could see myself living in Santa Barbara with him. We talked about houses out there, and how cool it would be to have a runway in our backyard. He flew to Atlanta a week later to spend the weekend with me, and again, everything was perfectly normal. We said our goodbyes, and that was the last time we saw each other. The rest of the week, we talked every day, as we always did. We talked about plans for New Year's, and of course, we wanted to spend it together, so I bought a ticket out to L.A. We also were planning a trip to Costa Rica in March.

A few days later, (two days before Christmas), we FaceTimed and he said that we should end our relationship before it got even more serious. He didn't really have a reason why. I was devastated and completely blindsided. To do this right before Christmas was cruel, it not only ruined my Christmas, but my family's as well. I didn't understand why it was so urgent to end things so suddenly. I thought there was another girl, so I looked at his recent followers on Instagram, and noticed that a Bachelorette producer had recently followed him. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I knew there was something he wasn't telling me. He immediately deleted EVERY trace of me on Instagram. He deleted our pictures, which is expected, but he also untagged me from photos, deleted my comments from his page and went as far as unliking my photos/deleting his comments from my Instagram as well. 

Calee Lutes

Peter has mentioned an ex on the show. Was he talking about you? He said things just didn’t work out. Why didn't they work out? 

Yes, I'm sure he was talking about me. Things didn't work out simply because he chose to go on The Bachelorette instead. 

Did Peter betray you in any way? If so, how? 

He absolutely betrayed me. He interviewed for a reality dating show while simultaneously planning a future with me. I trusted him entirely and he pulled the rug out from under me. Also, if all of this wasn't bad enough, I've had multiple people reach out to me and tell me that he was seeing other women while we were exclusive. 

Calee Lutes

When did you find out he would be on The Bachelorette? Was Peter upfront with you? 

I found out the day he began filming the show, when the list of contestants was released. My cousin saw it and sent it to me. I was shocked and I immediately knew that the show was the reason he broke up with me. Everything that made zero sense before, now made complete sense. 

He wasn't upfront. He never said a word about the show even though he knows I watch it. He even pointed out the Bachelor mansion to me when we drove by it back in October. We still kept in touch after the breakup, and we were trying to see each other again, up until early March, shortly before he left for filming. When I found out about the show, I texted him and told him that he owed me an explanation, but I never heard a word back. That's the most shocking part of all... I thought he would've at least had enough decency to apologize. If he showed me even the smallest amount of sympathy for what he did to me, I probably wouldn’t have spoken out. 

Why do you think he went on the show?

He definitely didn't go on the show for the right reasons. I believe he went on it for the chance at fame, and he got what he wanted. 

Have you been watching this season? If you have, how have you felt about Peter’s actions?

Yes, I have been watching this season.  He acted very similar with Hannah as he did with me, and he has said a lot of the same things. He made me think that what we had was super rare and something he hadn't felt before as well. Watching this has been dumbfounding. He's definitely a charmer and a smooth talker. 

Calee Lutes

Is Peter on-camera the same person you knew? Has anything surprised you about his portrayal? 

Yes and no. I can see why he's a fan favorite. If I didn't know him, I would think he's a very sweet, genuine person. That's what I saw in him too. But, knowing his true colors now, I believe it's all an act. He tells women what they want to hear regardless if it's true or not. 

Some fans want him to be the Bachelor. How would you feel if that were to happen? 

I know he's not ready to settle down, so I think it would be a huge mistake if he were to be the Bachelor. I hope they choose someone who is truly there for the right reasons. I would hate to see him hurt more people.

He and his family also mentioned how hard it was for him to move on from his last relationship on his hometown date. Was he referring to you? Does that surprise you?  

I was his last girlfriend, so it had to have been about me. It was shocking to hear that. It made me wonder if he told his parents that I broke up with him, instead of the other way around. If his parents do know the truth, then maybe he really did have a hard time letting go of a good thing to chase fame instead. 

Calee Lutes

Do you have a message to Peter now? 

I thank God that this happened now. I can't imagine if I had uprooted my life and moved across the country, only to find these things out later. I definitely dodged a bullet.

Do you have a message for Hannah? 

You seem like an awesome woman. I hope you made the right choice and found your Prince Charming! 

Is there anything else you'd like to share? 

I debated so much as to whether or not I should speak publicly about this, and I went back and forth a million times. Partly because I'm in a new relationship with an incredible guy, and I want to focus my attention on him, and partly because of the backlash that Jed's ex received after coming forward with her story. But the more episodes I watch, the more mad it makes me seeing him play with another girl’s emotions. I knew I would regret letting him get away with this. Sure, what Peter did isn’t as bad as what Jed did, but that shouldn’t excuse what he did. It still is a horrible thing to do to someone who you profess to love, it really shows his character. 

Weber appears in The Bachelorette's highly-anticipated fantasy suites episode, airing Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here


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